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KPFK Sojourner Truth Earth Watch SPECIAL: Tar Sands, GE Trees, and the Langelle Photo project

Clayton Thomas-Muller and Orin Langelle discuss the tar sands, Indigenous resistance to energy extraction, and the role of art and photography in resistance movements in this one hour Sojourner Truth show special.

Global Justice Ecology Project teams up with the Sojourner Truth show on KPFK Pacifica Los Angeles for a weekly Earth Minute each Tuesday and a weekly Earth Watch interview each Thursday.

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Sojourner Truth show Earth Minute on U Florida censorship of GE trees talk

Global Justice Ecology Project teams up weekly with Pacifica’s Sojourner Truth show hosted by Margaret Prescod to cover important news about the environment.  Every Tuesday we produce an “Earth Minute” and each Thursday an “Earth Watch” interview segment with an activist from the front lines of the battle to protect mother Earth.

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KPFK Earth Minute on International Day Against Monoculture Tree Plantations

Global Justice Ecology Project partners with Margaret Prescod’s Sojourner Truth show on KPFK–Pacifica Los Angeles radio show for a weekly Earth Minute on Tuesdays and a weekly 12 minute Environment Segment every Thursday.

This week’s Earth Minute discusses the International Day Against Monoculture Tree Plantations.  To listen to the show, go to: http://bit.ly/q6ItPO

Earth Minute September 21, 2011

Wednesday September 21st is the International Day of Action Against Monocultures Tree Plantations–when organizations globally denounce industrial tree plantations, which have had tremendous destructive impacts.

The United Nations allows timber plantations to be called “forests,” despite the fact that tree plantations and forests have nothing in common besides trees.

Timber plantations deplete water and soils; provide no habitat for wildlife; and cause rising rates of sickness from the toxic chemicals used on them.

Forests, on the other hand, provide shelter, medicines, food and clean water to forest dependent communities; give life to countless species that exist nowhere else; and are known as the lungs of the earth because they cleanse the air and regulate the climate.

Conversely, the destruction of forests releases about 20% of global climate emissions annually.

For these and other reasons, scientists around the world issued an open letter demanding the UN distinguish between forests and timber plantations.

To read the letter or for more information, go to our website at globaljusticeecology.org

For the Earth Minute and the Sojourner Truth show, this is Anne Petermann from Global Justice Ecology Project.

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Climate Challenge Media With GJEP’s Anne Petermann on GE Trees

A half hour interview on the dangers of genetically engineered trees and their relation to climate mitigation schemes.  With Climate Challenge host, Karen Strickler:


(click on the link above–we were not able to embed the video in this blog post)

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KPFK Earth Minute on USDA Attempt to Deregulate GMO Plants

To Listen to this week’s Earth Minute on the Sojourner Truth show on KPFK Los Angeles, click on:


And forward to minute 26:00

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Anne Petermann on Katherine Albrecht’s Talk Radio Show

Listen to the interview here from Katherine Albrecht’s Talk Radio With a Freedom Twist

GJEP’s Anne Petermann  is interviewed on Genesis Communications
Network’s “The Dr. Katherine Albrecht Show.”  Dr. Albrecht and Anne
discuss the horrifying aspect of the planting of Genetically
Engineered Eucalyptus trees.

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Anne Petermann Reporting from London

Another World is Absolutely Essential

By Anne Petermann

Today’s blog post is going to be a short one since I am on a public computer.

Today the tour moved on from The Hague to London.  While the chunnel was a
bit intimidating on the train, we arrived to sunny and–for London–warm

The conversation on the train ride with colleagues Simone Lovera of Global
Forest Coalition, Mary Lou Malik of Focus on the Global South and Fiu
Elisara of Samoa ranged from strategies for dealing with the problem of
NGOs and foundations that have bought into the REDD scam and carbon
markets in general; to our plans for the evening in London–one of the few
unscheduled chunks of time.

Fiu decided to retire, not having quite gotten used to the twelve hour
time difference, while Simone, Mary Lou and I are planning to connect with
another colleague of theirs for some stimulating conversation.

Our next event is tomorrow and it is a forum with other organizations from
around the region to discuss the dangers of wood-based agro-energy and
genetically engineered trees and what we can do about it.  There are
likely to be a few organizations that we are going to have to convince,
since so many organizations are so desperate to offer up solutions to the
climate crisis–and unfortunately many of them will only look for
solutions that allow business as usual to continue with as little change
as possible.

We, on the other hand, understand that this is not feasible.  Climate
change will mean very dramatic changes that will be most unpleasant unless
we choose as humans to make changes ourselves by choice.  This is what we
are working toward at Global Justice Ecology Project.  Creating alliances,
developing analysis and educating the public to make these changes

For another world is not only possible, it is absolutely essential.

From London,

Anne Petermann

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GJEP’s Anne Petermann on WORT FM

October 26th--Check out Global Justice Ecology Project’s E.D., Anne Petermann, speaking about the links between forests, the REDD scheme and the upcoming climate talks in Copenhagen (CorporateHaven) on WORT’s program A Public Affair out of Madison, Wisconsin.  She is in interviewed in the second half of the show after co-author of Climate Coverup, The Crusade to Deny Global Warming, James Hogan.

To listen, please click HERE

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