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Monkton landowners: no improvements in Vt. Gas negotiations

By Zach Despart, June 23, 2014. Source: Addison County Independent

Photo from www.risingtidevermont.org

Photo from www.risingtidevermont.org

In a June 19 meeting with legislators and the head of the Department of Public Service, dozens of Monkton residents said they’re still nowhere close to signing easements with Vermont Gas Systems that will allow the company to lay a new pipeline across the town.

In the three months since Monkton residents held a similar meeting with state regulators to address Vermont Gas’ negotiating tactics with regard to its Addison-Rutland Natural Gas Project, not a single landowner at this past Thursday evening’s meeting at the Monkton firehouse said that talks with company representatives had improved.

Instead, landowners said Vermont Gas fails to respond to their questions in a timely manner, does not address concerns they harbor, is not offering fair compensation for their land and is secretive about its business practices.

“Nothing has changed,” landowner Selina Peyser said.

The meeting was chaired by Sen. Chris Bray, D-New Haven, and Department of Public Service Commissioner Chris Recchia. In addition two dozen landowners, Rep. David Sharpe, D-Bristol, and Sen. Claire Ayer, D-Addison, also attended. Continue reading

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GE security beefed up after battle

Check out this story about a GE trees company in New Zealand feeling pressure. Roturua, NZ is home of forests known as NZ’s Redwoods. For background, you can check out this earlier article from the same paper on protesters destroying a field trial. Close readers of both will note a real change in tone: the first one largely sides with the company; the new one is much more skeptical of it. – GJEP

By Catherine Harris, February 3, 2014. Source: Timaru Herald

Scion, the Crown research institute which looks after forest research, has reinforced security around a trial of genetically modified pine trees following a recent court battle over genetically engineered science.

The institute told Parliament’s education and science select committee recently that it had invested $500,000 to extend GE field trials of up to several hundred pine trees at its Rotorua campus.

Walkway through tree fern understorey of native bush in Whirinaki Forest Park near Rotorua, New Zealand. Wikimedia Commons

Walkway through tree fern understorey of native bush in Whirinaki Forest Park near Rotorua, New Zealand.
Wikimedia Commons

Some of the plants had been modified for herbicide resistance, others for greater growth and “pulpability”, Scion’s chief executive Warren Parker said.

The trials will continue for the next 23 years, with trees being removed before they reach the reproduction stage.

Last month Scion took the Bay of Plenty Regional Council to the Environment Court over its decision to adopt the “precautionary principle” over genetic modification. Continue reading

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Action: USDA Public Comment Period on GMO “Coexistence” [Due 3/4]

February 4, 2014. Source: National Organic Coalition

“Agricultural Coexistence” ≠ GMO Contamination Prevention

USDA is asking for public comments on how agricultural “coexistence” (relationships between GMO and non-GMO farmers) can be strengthened.

Comment deadline: March 4, 2014

Farmers & Handlers: Share your experiences and costs with preventing GE contamination, or about being contaminated

Consumers: Tell USDA: Contamination Prevention Now!


Organic and Non-GMO agriculture has shouldered the burden of GMO contamination for too long. Tell USDA:

(1) Implement mandatory contamination prevention measures to avoid the problem and protect the non-GMO sector.

(2) Ensure shared responsibility for the unwanted spread of GE products.  Farmers should not shoulder the burden through GE contamination crop insurance.  Patent Holders should be held responsible for the contamination. Continue reading

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Breaking News: Action by Indian movements inside WTO meeting in Bali


India: Defending the Poor and Hungry is Non-Negotiable!

(Bali, 2 December 2013) On the occasion of the Ninth Ministerial Meeting of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in Bali, Indonesia, several farmers’ organisations, trade unions, mass organisations and peoples’ campaigns resolved to support the Indian Government’s position to not trade away national food security.


The group welcomes the decision of the Indian Cabinet on 28th November to reject any peace clause that does not guarantee a permanent solution. The peace clause has been widely opposed by the Chairs of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Commerce and Agriculture, several political parties including the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Left parties, and mass organisations.

However, the group cautioned the Indian negotiating team headed by Commerce Minister Mr. Anand Sharma, not to bow to any pressure to weaken India’s position on defending and upholding national food security as a sovereign right. The group declared that the safeguarding and promotion of the country’s food security, rural employment and livelihoods are non-negotiable, and that food security cannot be ensured without supporting agricultural production by small and marginal farmers.

IMG_1431The group reminds the WTO members that no country needs to be on the defensive about protecting the right to food and fighting hunger in their countries. And that aggressively upholding the rights of its citizens is not tantamount to collapsing the ministerial talks. On the contrary, such pressure tactics must be exposed as a conspiracy to keep people hungry and poor.

It was decided that the group would closely monitor the negotiations during the ministerial meeting to ensure that the interests of the poor and hungry are not compromised in any way.

Bhartiya Kisan Union
Bharatiya Krishak Samaj
Bharatiya Majdoor Sangh
Focus on the Global South India
Great Mission Group Consultancy
Public Services International
Right to Food Campaign
Shram Seva Nyas
South Indian Coordination Committee of Farmers’ Movements
Swadeshi JagranManch
Third World Network India

More news on www.viacampesina.org

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Idle No More ‘Shame on Canada’ protest in San Francisco

Note: Karen Pickett is a member of the Board of Directors of Global Justice Ecology Project

By Karen Pickett, Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters

Photo: Karen Pickett

Photo: Karen Pickett

On Monday morning, Sept. 9, organizers from Idle No More Bay Area and supporters converged on the Canadian Consulate in San Francisco, Calif. to say “Shame on Canada.” They called for a stop to the disastrous effects on First Nations people and others in the sacrifice zone in Alberta, Canada due to tar sands mining and steam drilling, citing loss of livelihood, toxic contamination, cancers, and damaged and sick children. People called for a rapid wind down of tar sands mining, a halt to Keystone XL pipeline, sequestration of the wastewater, restoration of the devastated region, and reparations. Pull in the tentacles of the oil companies from around humanity’s neck!

During the several hours that people demonstrated, sang, prayed and drummed at the Consulate, a proclamation and list of demands was signed by everyone present and delivered to Consulate officials by Penny Opal Plant, one of the organizers of the demonstration.

Other co-sponsors of the on-going protests against Tar Sands development and the Keystone pipeline include Rising Tide, Do the Math and 350.org.

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Breaking: Arrests at Enbridge pipeline protest near Hamilton, Ontario

26 June 2013.  Source: CHCH

Hamilton Police gathering on Concession 6 West near Enbridge's North Westport pumping station; June 26, 2013

Several people have been arrested at the site of an oil pipeline protest in Flamborough.

To view the video of the arrests, click here

Shortly before 7 am, between eight and 10 police cruisers, vans and unmarked vehicles rolled along Concession 6 West leading up to Enbridge’s North Westover facility, where four protesters have been allowed to remain under an injunction issued yesterday. Local residents told CHCH News that those four are actually across the street from the station.

Freelance journalist Tim Groves witnessed several people being handcuffed and led into police vans.

Continue reading

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BREAKING: Huge crowd occupies TransCanada lobby firm in DC solidarity action!

Washington, DC, November 5, 2012–This morning Earth First and Occupy in DC organized a tar sands solidarity action that is currently occupying TransCanada’s lobby firm. They occupied and blockaded the building. Four arrested at last count.

You can watch the live stream here – http://www.ustream.tv/occupyeye

And see an instagram pic here- http://t.co/oXFqiCuk

more info as it becomes available.

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Victory! Road to new biotech development in Florida stopped

18 October.  Source: EF! Newswire

Last month, activists with the Everglades Earth First! group joined forces with residents of Limestone Creek, a historic Black community, near the city of Jupiter. This week the alliance succeeded in defeating a plan related to Scripps Biotech in Palm Beach County. Following a County Commission hearing on Tuesday, the road proposed by Hawkeye Jupiter LLC to go through a neighborhood leading to 82 acres of endangered species habitat was voted down.

The plan for plowing through the quite Limestone Creek neighborhood of Kennedy Estates and paving over the nearby pine flatwoods for more biotech laboratories was the latest in a failing attempt to establish a “biotech hub” in the south Florida region.

The effort to expand biotech venture capitalist investment in the area has been fought since its initial inception in 2004, when then-Governor Jeb Bush unloaded hundreds of millions in corporate welfare to entice the industry. A long journey of agency whistle-blowing, environmental lawsuits, protests and civil disobedience actions has kept their progress at bay. Despite the compromise deals of several Big Green NGOs, grassroots resistance has kept the “biotech hub” from breaking new ground on large undeveloped tracts of land, as initially desired.

The victory this week at Limestone Creek was a step towards pushing back the corporate biotech industry attempting to re-colonize the area.

For more updates on this story, the history of the fight against Scripps Biotech, and more pictures, videos and documents from the 8-year struggle, check outScrapScripps.info

For video of the mainstream news coverage about the victory this week click here

To better understand the developer’s sleazy PR approach, look here.

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