Photo Essay: Three brutally arrested protesting GE trees at industry conference

30 May, 2013

All photographs by Orin Langelle/ for GJEP

_10m30_DSCN1302 Police use pain compliance holds as they wrestle a protester to the ground.  Activists were attempting to wrap a bus departing from the industry conference in GMO caution tape.

_7m30_DSCN1319 A local organizer with Katuah Earth First! is thrown to the ground and arrested in front of the bus.

_1m30_DSCN1380 Will Bennington, an organizer with Global Justice Ecology Project and the Campaign to STOP GE Trees prior to being thrown into an Asheville Police paddy wagon.

_12m30_DSCN1246 “You Spoil Our Forests – We Spoil Your Dinner” banner refers to blocking conference participants from attending an exclusive dinner at the Biltmore Estate – birthplace to industrial forestry in the US.

_11m30_DSCN1251 Tree Engineer and industry mouthpiece Steve Strauss takes photos of the protesters as they chant at him.  A security guard laughs.

_13m30_DSCN1335 Local Katuah EF! zombie organizer.

_9m30_DSCN1311 Police brutally pull and yank on peaceful activists

_8m30_DSCN1318 Police wrestle and throw to the ground a local woman organizer.



_4m30_DSCN1363 Zombie “Franken-tree” demonstrators bang on pots and pans and chant anti-GE tree slogan as arrests continue.

_3m30_DSCN1371 Protesters vow that resistance will continue.


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  4. countryskunk

    just proves cops have no brains if they did they would be protecting the protesters from the criminals destroying our planet

  5. April Reeves

    Time to change our tactics. Burning crops and GE forests are the only recourse now. Europe has it right.

  6. Croatan Earth First!

    Reblogged this on Croatan Earth First!.

  7. For an idea of what the tree engineers think of activists being brutalized by the police, see the comments at the end of this post:

  8. AMI

    Time for a revolution.

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  11. The fact that they respond with such violence shows what a threat civil disobedience is to the powers that be.

  12. cynthia hendel

    We are OUTRAGED. –All supportive thoughts and concerns to the activists who risk and suffer these atrocities on behalf of Nature, Life, and all of us.

  13. Jamie hume

    Greed without boarders…madness. How off the charts does a persons ego have to be to turn genetics into the cancerous industry that it has become?

    I love science. Science is neutral. However, Scientists are human beings and with that, there is no guarantee of a moral compass.

    It seems to me that this line of study has become the lottery that many have dreamed of. Apparently the pharmaceutical industry was not enough.
    It could be, that the tendency to narrow ones field of study, has blinded these intelligent people to the greater reality.

    Thankfully, not all scientists are such narrowly focused, greedy human beings with no sense of ethical responsibility to their fellow human beings or the planet.

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  15. Is this really happening in the Land of the Free – and the home of the Brave ? What has happened to you ?