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Utah Tar Sands Resistance

fe1768d42035b27d1d3c190903e37054_normalYesterday, about 80 activists formed a blockade to halt construction of a tar sands strip mine in the Book Cliffs of eastern Utah. The mine is being built by US Oil Sands, a Canadian company, and would be the first in the US. The action was led by the Climate Justice Summer Camp, which was holding a two-week direct action camp nearby.

The mine is located on traditional Ute hunting lands and in the Colorado River Basin, which provides drinking water to 40 million people. As Peaceful Uprising argues,

Tar sands and oil shale mining and refining, if allowed to begin in the U.S., would rob us of our water rights. The Colorado’s flow is diminishing, not increasing, and these mining and refining processes require massive amounts of water. This inescapable reality would cause widespread conflicts over water, as water rights were seized from farmers and communities. We will not allow tar sands and oil shale profiteers to seize the water that rightfully belongs to everyone.

During the protest, those locked to equipment were arrested along with other supporters, leading to 21 arrests total, and protesters were faced with police brutality. To follow the events of the blockade and give support, go to the twitter feed for Utah Tar Sands Resistance and donate on their website: or here.

For background, check out our KPFK interview from March with Melanie Martin, from Peaceful Uprising. 

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Breaking Action Alert: Enbridge Blockaded

17 July 2014.  Source: Swamp Line 9 via Earth First! newswire


Individuals from Six Nations and their allies have interrupted work on a section of Enbridge’s Line 9 pipeline. The work stoppage began around 10am this morning. Individuals involved asked workers to leave, asserting that the land is Haudenosaunee territory guaranteed under the Haldimand deed, and that Enbridge’s workers were present without consent or consultation.

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On Bill McKibben’s ‘call to arms’ for the New York climate summit

By Anne Petermann, Executive Director of Global Justice Ecology Project, from the Venezuela Social Pre-COP

Today’s blog post is not addressing directly what is happening here in Venezuela at the SocialPreCOP, but something on the minds of many people here–the next step in the series of climate meetings/actions this year.  That is the upcoming climate march planned for New York City on September 21st, two days before UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s UN Climate Summit–a closed door session where the world’s “leaders” will discuss “ambitions” for the upcoming climate conference (COP20) in Lima, Peru. Part of the objective of the Venezuelan government at this SocialPreCOP meeting is to come away with a set of demands from people gathered here that they can take to this exclusive summit.

The September climate march was called for by Big Green NGOs and Avaaz, who have thrown copious quantities of cash at it. But many environmental and climate justice organizations and alliances based in the New York/New Jersey region and across the US have demanded a seat at the organizing table to ensure that the voices of front line and impacted communities are heard, despite their small budgets.

The demands of the march: there will be none. That’s right. The march will simply bring together an estimated 200,000 people to march through the streets of New York and then…  There will be no rally, no speakers, no strong political demands.  Just people showing up with the overarching message that the world’s leaders should take action on climate change.


What kind of climate action should be taken is a question that has long been debated by climate justice activists, organizations, social movements and Indigenous Peoples all over the world for decades.   “Climate action” can include things like geoengineering schemes–manmade manipulations of nature on such a massive scale that the impacts can’t possibly be known, but could definitely be catastrophic.  They can also include actions already taking place, such as the building of vast hydroelectric dams that flood vast expanses of land and displace thousands of Indigenous Peoples or land-based communities. Climate action can also include ongoing grabbing of land for the development of vast plantations of oil palm, GMO soy or non-native trees for so-called bioenergy.

So no, not all “climate action” is created equal.  A lack of clear justice-based and ecologically sound demands in this “historic” march will leave a vacuum.  And no vacuum remains empty for long.  It’s simple physics.  The media will not cover a march with no demands. They will find a message.  And likely, as so often happens, those with the connections and the money will win the messaging game.

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EarthWatch: Irene Majorie/ Portland Rising Tide

Our weekly “Earth Watch” our guest is Irene Majorie with Portland Rising Tide. Why did she lock herself to metal and a 55-gallon barrel filled with concrete? What are the dangers of transporting oil by rail?

Global Justice Ecology Project teams up with the Sojourner Truth show on KPFK Pacifica Los Angeles for a weekly Earth Minute each Tuesday and Earth Watch interview each Thursday.


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Confronting Canada Day rally and march in Vancouver

By Zig Zag, July 2, 2014. Source: Warrior Publications

Confronting Canada Day march down Commercial Drive, July 1, 2014.

Confronting Canada Day march down Commercial Drive, July 1, 2014.

Approximately 100 people attended a “Confront Canada Day” rally and march in Vancouver, BC, on July 1, 2014.  The rally began at Clark Park in East Vancouver with Natives drumming, singing and speaking against the colonial history of Canada.  There was also a contingent of anarchists dressed in Black Bloc and carrying black flags.  The group then marched down Commercial Drive behind a large black banner that proclaimed “Decolonize Means Attack”, chanting slogans such as “No pipelines on stolen Native land” and “Fuck Canada”  with fireworks and flares being lit periodically. Continue reading

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Monkton and Cornwall homeowners “knitting-​in” at VGS Office

July 2, 2014. Source: Rising Tide Vermont

Photo from Rising Tide VT

Photo from Rising Tide VT

Monkton and Cornwall homeowners are currently staging a “knit-in” at Vermont Gas Systems’ headquarters, occupying the main lobby and demanding the company stop tying to scare peaceful protestors and landowners with false allegations and eminent domain. Jane Palmer, Maren Vasatka and Claire Broughton, all of Monkton, and Mary Martin of Cornwall live in the path of the proposed fracked gas pipeline. They are joined by Charlotte resident Rebecca Foster.They said they won’t leave until Vermont Gas publicly admits to illegally trespassing on land in Addison County, agrees to not use eminent domain to build the pipeline and stops trying to use scare tactics against peaceful protestors engaged in nonviolent civil disobedience at the Vermont Gas offices.

Jane Palmer, who said Vermont Gas agents have already trespassed on her land when they violated a right-of-entry agreement, plans to stay until Vermont Gas meets her demands or has her removed from the premises.
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Akwa ibom youths protest fresh oil spill from mobil facility

By Jules, June 30, 2014. Source: Nigerian Bulletin


Youths in Eket and Esit Eket in Akwa Ibom on Monday staged peaceful protests against fresh oil spills in Nkpana community from a Mobil facility in Ibeno.

The youths numbering more than 500 protested on major streets in Eket, including the Marina and Terminal roads.

The protesters, under the ages of Core Youth Forum, carried placards with inscriptions: “Oil spill is killing our aquatic life’’, “No compensation for oil spill” and “Enough of this oil spillage,’’ among others.

Mr Godwin Peter, the spokesman of the protesters, said the spill occurred on Saturday and occupied communities along the spill line on Sunday. Continue reading

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Kukamas abandon hunger strike over Peruvian Amazon oil pollution

The Kukama march to the city of Iquitos to protest against toxic waste left behind by more than 40 years of oil contamination in their territories. Photograph by Deborah Rivett/The Arkana Alliance

The Kukama march to the city of Iquitos to protest against toxic waste left behind by more than 40 years of oil contamination in their territories. Photograph by Deborah Rivett/The Arkana Alliance

Peruvian officials have met with representatives of hundreds of indigenous people from the country’s Amazon rainforest after they threatened to go on hunger strike in protest at what they say is government failure to aid communities affected by oil contamination.

For almost two weeks, around 500 Kukamas were camped in a square in Iquitos – the biggest city in Peru’s Amazon – after travelling from their homes along the River Marañón, by boat and on foot.
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GM Eucalyptus: Brazil considers authorizing GM Trees in contravention of COP9 Decision

The Campaign to STOP GE Trees (Coordinated by GJEP) is actively campaigning to prevent the commercialization of genetically engineered eucalyptus trees in Brazil.  A similar proposal is under consideration in the US.  Please sign our petition to the USDA demanding a ban on GE trees here:

–The GJEP Team

By Jay Burney, June 2014. Source: CBD Alliance



In Brazil, Futuragene, a UK-registered company wholly owned by Brazilian timber giant Suzano, has submitted a request to CTNBio to commercially release genetically modified eucalyptus trees in Brazil.

CTNBio is the governmental institution charged with authorizing commercial release of GMOs in Brazil. Hundreds of social and ecological justice organizations representing millions of people joined forest protection groups from around the world to reject the commercial release of GM trees due to their potentially serious negative effects on biodiversity and human rights, as well as the complete lack of independent assessments of their social, ecological and economic risks. Continue reading

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Colombia security firm continues blockade of coal mine over contract dispute

By Nina Damsgaard, June 26, 2014. Source: Columbia Reports


Photo by

Workers from a private security firm have blocked the facilities at a coal mine in northeastern Colombia for five consecutive days over a contract dispute, a statement from the mining company read on Wednesday.

The workers, who are mainly from the indigenous Wayuu group, are protesting because of the termination of the contract between their security firm, Sepecol, and Colombia’s largest coal mining company, Cerrejon.

The contract was changed after a bidding round conducted by the mining company, the statement from Cerrejon read. Continue reading

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