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CNBC caught soliciting writer to claim global warming is a “hoax”

By Lee Fang, June 29, 2014. Source: Republic Report


How badly does cable news network CNBC want to deny the existence of global warming?

For a network with an embarrassing history of fudging the science around climate change, one CNBC booker apears to have made a big mistake.

Responding to the groundbreaking report “Risky Business,” a bipartisan project that compiled the many ways global warming will harm the United States economy over the next cenutry, a CNBC staffer sent an e-mail to a website that she apparently thought was connected to economist and climate contrarian Alan Carlin. In the e-mail, which has been shared with Republic Report, the booker asked Carlin to respond to the report and write an op-ed on “global warming being a hoax.” See below: Continue reading

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EarthWatch: Syed Hussan/Can​adian Detention Strikes

On our weekly Earth watch, Margaret Prescod speaks to Syed Hussan, a coordinator with the Migrant Workers Alliance for Change about the link between environmental devastation and human migration.

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Council of Canadians sends ExxonMobil CEO Fractivist Toolkit to help in his fight against fracking

Note: Here’s an update to a story we posted a couple of day ago about Rex Tillerson, the ExxonMobil CEO who filed a lawsuit to prevent the building of a water tower for fracking near his TX home. Enjoy! – The GJEP Team

By Emma Lui, February 24, 2014. Source: The Council of Canadians

If you’ve been following the news on fracking on social media, you will have likely come across a big story about a lawsuit against fracking in Denton County, Texas. And a key spokesperson against the project is ExxonMobil’s CEO Rex Tillerson. The Council of Canadians wanted to provide some tips to Mr. Tillerson about how to fight fracking in his community. Here’s the letter we sent him.

Photo from US Uncut:

Photo from US Uncut:

Rex Tillerson
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Corporate Headquarters
5959 Las Colinas Boulevard
Irving, Texas 75039-2298

Dear Mr. Tillerson,

I am writing to send you a copy of our Fractivist Toolkit: How you can take action to protect water and stop fracking. With all the media buzz  that you are fighting fracking in your neighbourhood, I thought you might find some helpful tips.

The Council of Canadians created the Fractivist Toolkit for people exactly in your shoes (minus the whole being CEO to one of the biggest fracking companies in the U.S. thing). In it you will find a summary of what’s happening in Canadian and Indigenous communities (but then again you’re no stranger to fracking in B.C. and Alberta!). You’ll also find tips on how to stop fracking in your community like how to lobby your governments, how to use social media (although your story sure is making the rounds already!) and talking points (and your advantage is you have the industry arguments down pat).

I also wanted to bring your attention to the list of Further Readings and Resources. There’s a section on Information for Landowners that lists resources like the guide Information About Landowner Rights and Fracking in the U.S. that may be particularly useful to you. Continue reading


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Venezuela: It’s the opposition that’s anti-democratic

By Jerome Roos, February 21, 2014. Source: ROAR Magazine

Photo: ROAR Magazine

Photo: ROAR Magazine

I’ve been away for the past week so I wasn’t able to write anything on the unfolding turmoil in Venezuela, but I’ve been following the situation closely and in recent days have grown increasingly frustrated with (a) the total lack of balanced reporting on Venezuela in the international media, including left-liberal publications like The Guardian; (b) the seeming ease with which comrades on the libertarian left ignore the events in Venezuela as if it were somehow “irrelevant” to our cause, simply because we’re not supposed to have any close ideological affinity with chavismo; and (c) the ill-informed basis on which many activists and even several major movement pages have taken the side of the protesters against the government, unquestioningly sharing the propaganda of the right-wing opposition and echoing dangerously superficial and wrongheaded interpretations about the protests. I intend to write more on this later, but here are some initial reflections:

1. Just because there’s people in the streets doesn’t mean they’re on our side. We live in the era of the protester, and violent protest has become a media spectacle par excellence. In the wake of Tahrir and Occupy, we have been conditioned to automatically feel sympathy for all men and women taking to the streets and facing down lines of riot police. Now there’s a YouTube clip floating around the web of a Venezuelan girl with an obnoxious upper-class American accent recounting the story of Venezuela’s heroic student uprising against an “illegitimate government”. At first sight, the video — which garnered over 2 million views so far — seems to neatly fit the narrative of the global uprisings. But anyone who cares to do some fact-checking or background research will quickly discover that the protests in Venezuela are rather different from Occupy or the Chilean student movement. Continue reading


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KPFK Earth Watch: Emily Atkin on climate change and the ‘polar vortex’

kpfk_logoEmily Atkin, a reporter with Climate Progress, discusses the ‘polar vortex’ cold snap gripping the continent, and links to climate change.

Global Justice Ecology Project teams up with the Sojourner Truth show on KPFK Pacifica Los Angeles for a weekly Earth Minute each Tuesday and a weekly Earth Watch interview each Thursday.


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“Democracy” needs whistleblowers. That’s why I broke into the FBI in 1971

By Bonnie Raines, January 7, 2014. Source: The Guardian

J Edgar Hoover helped Richard Nixon gain power in the US. Photo: Bettmann/CORBIS

J Edgar Hoover helped Richard Nixon gain power in the US. Photo: Bettmann/CORBIS

I vividly remember the eureka moment. It was the night we broke into an FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania, in March 1971 and removed about 1,000 documents from the filing cabinets. We had a hunch that there would be incriminating material there, as the FBI under J Edgar Hoover was so bureaucratic that we thought every single thing that went on under him would be recorded. But we could not be sure, and until we found it, we were on tenterhooks.

A shout went up among the group of eight of us. One of us had stumbled on a document from FBI headquarters signed by Hoover himself. It instructed the bureau’s agents to set up interviews of anti-war activists as “it will enhance the paranoia endemic in these circles and will further serve to get the point across there is an FBI agent behind every mailbox.”

That was the first piece of evidence to emerge. It was a vindication.

Looking back on what we did, there are obvious parallels with whatEdward Snowden has done in releasing National Security Agency documents that show the NSA’s blanket surveillance of Americans. I think Snowden’s a legitimate whistleblower, and I guess we could be called whistleblowers as well.
Continue reading

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Report: NSA tracks social ties on Facebook

By William M. Welch, September 28, 2013. Source: USA Today

SnowdenThe National Security Agency has used its massive collections of electronic data to create a graphic analysis of some American citizens’ social connections including travel, location, associates and even Facebook ties, a published report said Saturday.

The New York Times reports that the super-secret electronic spy agency has developed sophisticated graphs of social connections based on phone call metadata and e-mail logs since beginning the project in November 2010.

The newspaper based its report on documents provided by Edward Snowden, the former agency contractor who leaked classified details of U.S. and British government surveillance.

The analysis resulted from a policy shift by top agency officials aimed at helping to identify and track connections between foreign intelligence targets and Americans with whom they communicate.
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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. gives its hacktivists the same name as actual activist group

Note: Two of Global Justice Ecology Project’s team are also active organizers with Rising Tide Vermont, working with community members to stop a proposed fracked gas pipeline.

This “Agents of SHIELD” show is just another example of corporate pop culture supporting the power elite’s agenda of continued domination and oppression, and casting people fighting for social and environmental justice as misanthropic “terrorists.”  Yet another reason to throw your television out the window….

-The GJEP Team

By Graeme McMillan, 26 September, 2013. Source: WIRED

Photo: Rising Tide in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (L), Rising Tide North America (R)

Photo: Rising Tide in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (L), Rising Tide North America (R)

Tuesday’s debut of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. introduced viewers to “Rising Tide,” a mysterious group of hacktivists who are attempting to expose the work of S.H.I.E.L.D. to the public. Unfortunately, there’s also a real-world organization called Rising Tide, and it isn’t entirely thrilled to have its name associated with a group described as “a looming threat” to the world.

The real-life Rising Tide, it turns out, is an international volunteer group created to work on climate issues on a grassroots level. With networks on four continents — including groups in both the United Kingdom and Australia — the North American network, founded in 2006, now spans the U.S., Canada and Mexico. ”In the last two years, we’ve seen a spike in interest, based in part around issues of extraction and coal mining,” the organization’s Scott Parkin told WIRED. “There was a big fight last year in Texas around the Keystone pipeline, and that started out as a Rising Tide chapter.”

The organization is particularly concerned about sharing a name with the fictional Rising Tide on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. because it also appears to be an activist group, and one that is portrayed as a danger to the heroes of the show. Continue reading

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