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Earth Watch: Adam Briggle of Frack Free Denton

On November 13th, Adam Briggle of Frack Free Denton spoke to Margaret Prescod for Sojourner Truth’s Earth Watch.

On election day, Denton passed a fracking ban, making it the first in Texas to ban further hydraulic fracturing. Only days later, they received push back. Denton is preparing for an extended court battle  — a fight that cities nationwide considering similar laws will likely be watching closely.

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The Need for Clear Connections at the People’s Climate March

Global Justice Ecology Project  Executive Director Anne Petermann posted this entry at Daily Kos yesterday regarding the September 21 Climate March and associated events in New York City.

In this update from her previous piece about the march, Petermann points out that many climate action contexts promote strategies and actions on climate change that  “include many ‘solutions’ debunked as false by the global climate justice movement, including carbon capture and storage, and other technologies that allow business as usual to bounce happily along while the planet slowly burns.”

If you agree with Anne, support her by adding a comment to the extensive discussion developing on Daily Kos!

Photo by Orin Langelle

Photo by Orin Langelle


Climate Action vs. Climate Justice: the Need for Clear Demands at the Peoples’ Climate March in New York City

by Anne Peterman/Daily Kos

In New York City on September 21st, a major climate march is planned. It will take place two days before UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s UN Climate Summit–a one-day closed door session where the world’s “leaders” will discuss “ambitions” for the upcoming climate conference (COP20) in Lima Peru. and Avaaz originally called for the march, but environmental and climate justice organizations and alliances based in the New York/New Jersey region and across the US demanded (and won) a seat at the organizing table to attempt to ensure that the voices of front line and impacted communities are heard.

So, what are the demands of the march? There are none. That’s right. The march will simply bring together an estimated 200,000 people to march through the streets of New York and then…

There will be no rally, no speakers, and no strong political demands. Just people showing up with the overarching message that the world’s leaders should take action on climate change. Why no solid demands? I’ve been informed by organizers that the reason this march is being held with no actual demands is because we need a big tent.

But this tent is so big that it even includes organizations that support fracking and the tar sands gigaproject. Yup, they’re in the tent, too. Call me crazy, but I think that tent is too damn big.

According to some of the organizers, as long as everyone agrees that climate action is needed, then it’s all good. But are all climate actions created equal? No.

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EarthWatch: Cliff Willmeng on community rights to ban fracking


Thursday: A shake up in Congress as Eric Cantor a leading GOP Congressman who was likely to become the next Speaker of the House is defeated. Why did immigrants rights activists respond to his defeat with civil disobedience actions? Our guest is an official with the United Farm Workers.

Colorado residents have filed a class action lawsuit against the state, the first of its kind, to maintain the community’s right to ban Fracking. For our weekly “Earth Watch” our guest is Cliff Willmeng a member of the Colorado Community Rights Network and one of the plaintiffs in the suit.

And soccer fans around the world will be focused on the World Cup that kicks off in Brazil on Thursday. Why will protesters be in the streets and why is the soccer federation FIFA under fire? Will the protests ruin the moment for fans around the world who have waited four years for these games to begin? Jules Boykoff who has played on the US Olympic soccer team is our guest.

Sojourner Truth Thursday, June 12th with host Margaret Prescod.




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