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This Holiday Season say NO to GMO Chestnuts

by Anne Petermann, Executive Director, Global Justice Ecology Project

In a society rising up against the corporate capture of our food supply in the form of GMOs, a new untested and not-yet-approved GMO food is being promoted: the GMO chestnut.

A recent op-ed in the Washington Posthowevermakes the silly assertion that this emerging new GMO food will be the answer to hunger and a step toward reconnecting with our food supply:

Repopulating our woods — and even our yards, our commons and our courthouse lawns — with [GE] American chestnuts would put a versatile, nutritious, easily harvested food source within reach of just about everyone. For those living on the margins, it could be a very real hedge against want. For everyone, it could be a hedge against distancing ourselves from our food, which can be the first step toward a diet low in the whole foods that virtually every public health authority tells us we should eat more of.

Really?  A food source for the poor?  People are going to be heading out with their burlap sacks collecting GMO chestnuts to roast, grind into flour or boil into candy?  This is the answer to hunger?  And what is the health impact of eating GMO chestnuts?  Is this even being assessed?  No.

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This week’s Earth Minute on KPFK

This week’s Earth Minute discusses Monsanto and how they are using the aftermath of earthquake to get Haitian farmers hooked on their seeds and chemicals. The peasants have declared that they will burn these seeds calling them a “very strong attack on small agriculture, farmers, biodiversity and local creole seed varieties”. They are then instead demanding food sovereignty and the right to define their own agricultural policies to grow healthy food for the local market and to grow in a way that respects the environment and mother earth. Something Monsanto knows nothing about.

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