Rev. Billy rejects corporate media, wants to connect directly with you!

If you have not experienced the wisdom and power of Rev. Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir, be prepared to be amazed. This group of radical activist performance artists are brave, intelligent, and yes “Heavenly” warriors for system change. For years, under the guidance of Rev. Billy and Savitri D., they have been a non-stop force rallying against the insidious systems that are destroying the planet. Their top priority is the consumer society, contemporary trends in greenwashing,  and a reveal of the hidden hand. They have made some loud noises. They have been hit hard. They need, want, and deserve our support.

The group has now decided to flee the Facebook, YouTube and Twitter worlds.  This flight has been incentivized by the group being censored, chased, and in some instances, banished, from those worlds. This as they take on with direct actions, Monsanto, DARPA, JP Morgan Chase, UBS, Koch, and the underlying forces of corporatized society. Now they seek new media opportunities to connect with us,  it is important to know that Rev. Billy and the Choir are the canaries in the increasingly poisoned atmosphere that characterizes modern culture. They are constantly helping to lead the way to search for solutions for us all to survive.    You should know know that this form of media blackout from which they are moving away from, is coming for us all soon.

Most specifically,  Rev. Billy and his group want to form a new network of information–a direct subscriber network.  We urge you to join with them. They are leaders.  See the full story below.


 Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir shared a link

25 September 2014

Can we please have a direct relationship? Please subscribe to our email list. We’ll occasionally share Rev’s mini-sermons, our performance dates, spiritual tresspassings and things like that. Perhaps it was naive to think we could continue on the Internet with our progressive content. We are locked out of our own Twitter account, our email is hacked weekly, Facebook chard money to contact our own friends, Google doesn’t let us advertise our videos, Youtube deleters our videos. We must remember that these companies we’ve been using to communicate our revolution are not revolutionaries, they are banisters and dot com libertarians… Since our Robobee Lab invasion we have probably come up on the Pentagon’s screen. Monsanto is a fascist org… We need to be in direct contact. Please become a citizen in Earthalujahville!

Subscribe to Reverend Billy’s Bulletin!

After censorship by YouTube and the commodification of Facebook, we’re ready to trade contact information with you.

Let’s make our own community. We will share occasional mini-sermons and songs. We’ll send notice of our events and “Spiritual Trespassings” in the lobbies of the corporate factory farming GMO regime… things like that.

If you share your phone number, we will call you if we are performing your neighborhood.


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