DeSmog Blog UK now in business!

Our friends at DeSmog BlogClearing the PR Pollution that Clouds Climate Science, have just opened a new UK operation concentrating on European engagement on climate issues in the months leading up to the 2015  UN Paris COP 21 Conference. This is just the newest addition to the DeSmog Blog’s warmly welcomed international reach. logo_uk_1 One of the principle objectives is to fight the fog of climate denial through tactics that include exposing individuals and organizations attacking real solutions. this is a welcome addition to the international tool-kit that many organizations including the Global Justice Ecology Project are building to demand system change!

DeSmog UK Launches To Combat Climate Denial in Europe Ahead of Paris Climate Talks

A welcome message from DeSmogBlog executive director Brendan DeMelle.

We’re pleased to introduce DeSmog UK, a brand new investigative journalism and research outlet dedicated to clearing the PR pollution that clouds climate science and exposing the individuals and organizations attacking solutions to global warming. The newest addition to the international DeSmog network, DeSmog UK seeks to expose the same fossil fuel industry funded attacks on science and democracy that its colleagues at DeSmogBlog and DeSmog Canada investigate every day. DeSmog UK has appointed as Editor the intrepid British journalist Brendan Montague, who has spent the past three years examining climate denial and the origins of the think tanks and front groups that have waged war on climate science and policy solutions to global warming. A small number of individuals and organizations have crafted a polluter-friendly echo chamber to confuse the public about the scientific consensus on global warming.

Read the whole piece here. In addition DeSmog UK has created a “primer” series “Introductory Guide to DeSmog UK“– some really good work! Congratulations to DeSmog Blog!

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