EarthWatch: Cliff Willmeng on community rights to ban fracking


Thursday: A shake up in Congress as Eric Cantor a leading GOP Congressman who was likely to become the next Speaker of the House is defeated. Why did immigrants rights activists respond to his defeat with civil disobedience actions? Our guest is an official with the United Farm Workers.

Colorado residents have filed a class action lawsuit against the state, the first of its kind, to maintain the community’s right to ban Fracking. For our weekly “Earth Watch” our guest is Cliff Willmeng a member of the Colorado Community Rights Network and one of the plaintiffs in the suit.

And soccer fans around the world will be focused on the World Cup that kicks off in Brazil on Thursday. Why will protesters be in the streets and why is the soccer federation FIFA under fire? Will the protests ruin the moment for fans around the world who have waited four years for these games to begin? Jules Boykoff who has played on the US Olympic soccer team is our guest.

Sojourner Truth Thursday, June 12th with host Margaret Prescod.




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