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Rainforest Roulette? – new briefing on REDD and markets from Rainforest Foundation UK

By Chris Lang, August 29, 2012.  Source: redd-monitor

A new briefing by the Rainforest Foundation UK argues against creating an international carbon market to finance REDD. The briefing is released just before a UN meeting in Bangkok, that will discuss potential options for financing REDD.

The policy briefing, which is available below, is structured around five main critiques of trading forest carbon:

1. It is highly questionable whether a forest carbon market will reduce the cost of tackling climate change or generate billions for forest protection.

2. The proposed forest carbon market is distorting ‘readiness’ preparations for REDD so that they are more focused on creating a tradable asset than outcomes that are beneficial for forests, forest peoples and biodiversity.

3. The ownership of forest carbon – the underlying asset of the proposed market – is contested and unclear, and its trade is particularly susceptible to fraud.

4. Potential REDD emissions reductions credits may not represent genuine reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, due to inflated baselines and leakage. Trading them in an offset market could lead to increased total global carbon emissions, and prolong existing heavily polluting activities.

5. Alternative financing options and approaches exist and are viable.
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WRM’s Ricardo Carrere has passed away

Panel during the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change held in Buenos Aires, Argentina (2004). Left to right: WRM's Ricardo Carrere, Chris Lang, Lorena Parra and and GJEP's Anne Petermann. Photo: Langelle/GJEP

Global Justice Ecology Project just received the sad news that Ricardo Carrere, the former international coordinator of the World Rainforest Movement, passed away last night.  He suffered from lung cancer.

Words cannot express our deepest admiration for Ricardo.  The Earth and all her inhabitants have lost a valiant warrior.

GJEP and Ricardo collaborated on many projects together from South America to Africa.  WRM, based in Uruguay, is the Southern Hub of the STOP GE Trees Campaign.  GJEP coordinates the campaign.

¡Ricardo Carrere presente!

–Orin Langelle for the GJEP Team

From World Rainforest Movement: Con mucha angustia les contamos que en la madrugada de hoy falleció Ricardo Carrere. Hace unos pocos meses nos dijo que tenía cancer de pulmón pero nunca nos dijo en realidad la gravedad de la situación, todo fue muy rápido. Ahora no tenemos muchas palabras más para decir. un fuerte abrazo–El equipo el WRM

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Earth Minute on KPFK Radio’s Sojourner Truth Show

Listen to Global Justice Ecology Project’s Executive Director, Anne Petermann in this week’s Earth Minute. Anne points out how wood-based bioenergy is neither clean nor green as it destroys forests, negatively impacts human and environmental health, and worsens climate change.

Click here to listen!

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