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Music Video: David Rovics – Song for John Brown

Note:  This is our third post in the spirit of Arab Spring and the Occupy Movement’s Western Fall by showing a music video a day until this weekend from the prolific songwriter and singer, David Rovics.

And since this is Veterans Day, please watch the ‘Song for Bradley Manning’  immediately following the ‘John Brown’ music video, especially in the light of the Occupy Burlington (Vermont) homeless military veteran who took his own life yesterday.  And Kayvan Sabehgi, the second Iraq war veteran hospitalized following involvement in Occupy Oakland protests. Another veteran, Scott Olsen, suffered a fractured skull also in Oakland.   How many veterans have committed suicide, hospitalized or are amongst the walking wounded?  No wonder there is talk of revolution in the air.

-Orin Langelle for the GJEP Team

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Breaking News: Occupy Burlington (Vermont) protester takes his life–Statement from Occupy Burlington

Note: The latest information is that Josh was a military veteran-Orin Langelle for GJEP in Vermont.

Today, November 10th at 2pm, Josh, a valued member of Occupy Burlington and the houseless community, took his own life at the encampment. We want to take this moment to offer our thoughts and condolences to Josh’s family, and to the members of the Occupy community who got to know Josh over the last two weeks.

The thoughts and prayers of everyone in the encampment are with his friends and family. We appreciate the support we have received from the Burlington community, the country, and the world. We ask for everyone’s continued support and solidarity as we deal with this tragedy.From the first day of the encampment, we have welcomed all members of the community by providing anyone in need with food, shelter, and social support. Despite our best efforts to provide care and support to all members of the community, occupations are not equipped with the infrastructure and resources needed to care for the most vulnerable members of our community. The lack of resources to care for those in need was brought to the attention of Burlington city leaders. Unfortunately, our plea for assistance was not heeded in time to help Josh.This tragedy draws attention to the gross inequalities within our system. We mourn the loss of a great friend tonight, while discovering an ever-deeper resolve to stand with our most vulnerable citizens. The failure to provide citizens with adequate and accessible physical and mental healthcare is one of the many issues this movement is fighting for.

Again, our thoughts and prayers are with everyone reeling from this loss and we deeply appreciate everyone who has offered support, compassion, and solidarity. It is our hope that this tragedy will serve as a rallying cry for occupations around the country to continue the fight for system change.

In Solidarity,
Occupy Burlington

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