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Video: Our Forests Aren’t Fuel–Wetlands up in Smoke

Note: future plans for the forests of the Southeast are to replace them with fast growing freeze tolerant GE eucalyptus trees for biomass production, pulp and whatever else they can think of.

–The GJEP Team

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European utilities launch “Green Energy” bomb aimed at southern forests

By Dana Smith, October 9, 2012.  Source: Dogwood Alliance

Note:  Dogwood Alliance is a long-time ally of GJEP, and works with GJEP on the steering committee for the Stop  GE Trees Campaign.

View from a Southwings flight of the newly opened Enviva pellet mill in Ahoskie, N.C. Photo: Dogwood Alliance

At a time when scientific evidence is mounting that burning trees for electricity will actually result in increased carbon emissions when compared to coal over the next 30 to 50 years, utilities in Europe are making a mad dash to convert coal burning power plants to wood, all in the name of “renewable energy.” The recent explosion in the use of wood to generate electricity in Europe has resulted in the proliferation of new mills across the US South that are turning whole trees into wood pellets for export to European utility companies.  That’s right.  Forests in the US South are being logged, turned into wood pellets and shipped across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe all in the name of “green energy.”

In what felt like a full on Southern forest assault, in September, a multitude of new projects were announced that will help take tree burning to a whole new level.  Between September 18th and September 24th  four new wood pellet manufacturing facilities were announced, one in South Carolina and three in Georgia.  Just two days later on September 26th a port expansion project was announced in Moorhead City, North Carolina, for the stated purpose of supporting the growing wood pellet export market to Europe.  New companies with catchy green-sounding names like “Enviva” and “Enova Energy” are popping up out of nowhere, staking their positions as leading suppliers of “sustainable, “renewable” energy.  Heck, even the word “biomass” sounds kind of green, so it’s no wonder that the German utility company RWE that owns the biggest wood pellet facility in the South has branded it as simply, “Georgia Biomass”.   When you click on their website the first thing you notice is a tree coming out of the logo next to the words “We’re Carbon Neutral.”
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KPFK Radio Earth Segment This Week on the EPA’s Ruling on Biomass Burning

Global Justice Ecology Project partners with the Sojourner Truth show on KPFK Pacifica Los Angeles each week for an Earth Segment on Thursdays.  This week, Sojourner Truth host Margaret Prescod interviews Dogwood Alliance’s Scot Quaranda about the recent decision of the EPA not to regulate emissions from the burning of wood to make electricity.

Listen to the segment by clicking here and going to minute 21:10.

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“Sustaining Our Defense: Southern Forests, Carbon, and the Fight Against Global Climate Change”

Check out this new report released today by Dogwood Alliance.

The report details why Southern forests are a vital tool in the fight against climate change, implicates big paper companies and their customers like International Paper and KFC as climate criminals, and discusses why we need to change the way we think about paper so that we can sustain our defense against the climate crisis.

To read the press release click here.

The download the full report click here.

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