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Breaking Action Alert: Enbridge Blockaded

17 July 2014.  Source: Swamp Line 9 via Earth First! newswire


Individuals from Six Nations and their allies have interrupted work on a section of Enbridge’s Line 9 pipeline. The work stoppage began around 10am this morning. Individuals involved asked workers to leave, asserting that the land is Haudenosaunee territory guaranteed under the Haldimand deed, and that Enbridge’s workers were present without consent or consultation.

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Pictou Landing First Nation government erect blockade

By Clayton Thomas-Muller, June 10, 2014. Source: Intercontinental Cry

Photo by Michelle Ann, member of Pictou Landing First Nation

Photo by Michelle Ann, member of Pictou Landing First Nation

Mi’kmak’i Territory (Nova Scotia) – Jonathan Beadle, member of Pictou Landing First Nation was documenting the major pollution site on his traditional territory around 7:30 pm on June 9, 2014 when discovered that the primary pipeline carrying effluent from Northern Pulp and Paper into Boat Harbour was not operating. This pipeline was built for moving the effluent created by the toxic industrial process of pulping of wood into paper to be dumped untreated into Boat Harbour. Boat Harbour is a historical fishing site to the local First Nations as well as a sacred site due to the proximity of burial grounds located directly under where the mill built the pipeline.

“When we got up to the site yesterday (June 9, 2014) to check on boat harbour, I noticed the mill was not operating at full capacity. My son and I walked in toward Boat Harbour and as soon as we got to the main area where the pipeline comes out into the bay we noticed the effluent pipeline was turned off. This spill had to have been going on for some time. The clean up for the area is going to be incredibly expensive. This situation with Boat Harbour has been going on for a long time, people need to know there is a sacred burial ground underneath were Northern Pulp built their effluent pipe that dumps into Boat Harbour” said Jonathan Beadle, Pictou Landing First Nation member. Continue reading

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A chemical leak in Nova Scotia has sparked a First Nations blockade

By Miles Howe ,

Photo by Miles Howe

Photo by Miles Howe

Yesterday morning, staff at the Northern Pulp-owned Abercrombie Point pulp and paper mill in Pictou County, Nova Scotia, observed that a pipe carrying raw effluent to its final destination of the Boat Harbour Treatment Facility had sprung a leak and was spewing its contents into the adjacent waters of Pictou Harbour.

Northern Pulp spokesperson Dave MacKenzie could not verify how many hours the leak had been going on for, nor if the pipe itself had been absolutely severed – and was thus spewing its total contents into the harbour. The official mill stance is that the leak was discovered at about 7AM and the shutdown process: “began immediately and took a couple of hours.”

Pictou Landing First Nation resident Jonathan Beadle, however, suspects that the leak had gone undetected through the previous night—and that the pipe itself was completely ruptured at the leak point.

Beadle and his son were at the end of the raw effluent pipe at the Boat Harbour Treatment Facility, where the effluent should have been shooting out from. The pair were taking video footage for an upcoming documentary on the effects of living adjacent to the facility, considered locally as an environmental disaster. At this point, on Monday night around 7PM, the pipe, which MacKenzie confirms spews approximately 70 million litres of effluent daily, was dry. Continue reading

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Panama police attack Ngäbe anti-dam protest camps

By Richard Arghiris, April 27, 2014. Source: Intercontinental Cry

All Photos Credit: Ricardo Miranda

All Photos Credit: Ricardo Miranda

At least seven indigenous Ngäbe activists have been injured after police attacked their protest camps in the early hours of Friday 25 April.

The banks of the Tabasará river in western Panama are today the scene of sporadic skirmishes between armed riot troops, reported to number 200, and groups of protesters united against the infamous Barro Blanco hydroelectric dam.

The conflict has been brewing for months. Thousands of indigenous and campesino inhabitants rely upon the Tabasará for their livelihood and are set to be disastrously impacted by the project, widely regarded as improperly consulted and unlawful. Its reservoir is expected to inundate communities, destroy cultural centres, submerge archaeological sites, wash away fertile farming grounds, and completely exterminate the river’s migratory fish species. Continue reading

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Ohio: Fracking blockaders plead to reduced charges

Note: Support direct action for community and eco-defense!  In a different action, last Thursday, five blockaders (and friends of ours) were arrested blocking the entrance to a frackpad in Tiadaghton State Forest, PA, and have been held since then on $57,500 bail.  Click here to learn more and offer financial support!

-The GJEP Team

By Jim Phillips, March 24, 2014. Source: The Athens News

Gilbert "Kip" Rondy, far left, reads a statement in court on behalf of the eight protesters.  Photo:  Jim Phillips  Photo Caption:

Gilbert “Kip” Rondy, far left, reads a statement in court on behalf of the eight protesters. Photo: Jim Phillips

Eight protesters who last month briefly shut down an eastern Athens County injection well for oil-and-gas drilling wastes took a plea bargain in Athens County Municipal Court this morning (Monday).

The eight, whose individual cases were handled by the court en masse, had all been charged with criminal trespass, a fourth-degree misdemeanor. All agreed to plead no contest to a lower charge of disorderly conduct, a minor misdemeanor, and each received a fine of $150, with $100 of that amount suspended.

As a condition of the deal, the protesters must remain law-abiding citizens for one year, and have no contact with the well site where the demonstration took place.

Arrested Feb. 1 for their involvement in a protest at an injection well near Torch, Ohio, operated by the West Virginia firm of K&H Partners, LLC, were More (Smiles) Welch of Athens; Sean Pavlac of Cleveland; Caprice Huffman of Sunbury, Ohio; Gilbert (Kip) Rondy of Amesville; Michelle Ajamian of Millfield; Christine Hughes of Athens; Timothy Fultz of Athens; and Elizabeth Florentino of Athens.

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Missoula woman arrested for blocking megaload oil field equipment

By Kathryn Haake, January 22, 2014. Source: The Missoulian

012314 mega load mg.jpg

The 350-foot-long megaload that rolled through Missoula on Wednesday morning on its way to the Alberta tar sands is now parked at the old mill site property in Bonner, where the load is being reconfigured for Canadian highways. MICHAEL GALLACHER/Missoulian

A 71-year-old Missoula woman was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct for peacefully protesting on Reserve Street as a megaload of oil field equipment passed by early Wednesday.

Carol Marsh was charged with the misdemeanor when she sat down in the middle of Reserve Street near the Kent Avenue intersection and refused to move.

Missoula Police Detective Sgt. Travis Welsh said protesters along Reserve Street were generally peaceful and obeying laws as Omega-Morgan moved the behemoth equipment through town.

But as the megaload neared Kent Street at about 12:40 a.m., Montana Highway Patrol officers accompanying the rig called city police and said a protester was sitting in the street, in front of the trucks.

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Lillooet First Nation blocks construction threatening Seton River salmon runs

By The Canadian Press, January 17, 2014. Source: Vancouver Sun

Photo: Glenn Baglo

Photo: Glenn Baglo

Members of a First Nation in Lillooet have set up a blockade near that Fraser River district to protest work they believe is destroying fish habitat on disputed land.

Sekw’el’was Chief Michelle Edwards says the blockade on Cayoose Creek, at the mouth of the Seton River, on Lillooet’s southern outskirts, began at 7 a.m. Friday.

There’s no indication when it could be removed, but Edwards says traffic on nearby Highway 99 is not affected and members are only halting hired contractors at the work site.

She says the District of Lillooet has fast-tracked construction of a water intake on land claimed by the Sekw’el’was, although it knows the project will be appealed to the provincial Environmental Appeal Board.
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Algonquins erect land protection camp within wildlife reserve, stop illegal logging

December 9, 2013. Source: Intercontinental Cry

Photo: Norm Matchewan

Photo: Norm Matchewan

This past Spring, Quebec’s Ministry of Natural Resources—without meaningfully consulting the Algonquins of Barriere Lake—issued permits for the 2013-14 operating year to Resolute Forest Products and other large logging companies who have subsequently clear-cut vast tracts of the forest this past summer and fall, up to last week, when the Algonquins stopped the unauthorized logging, which has been taking place in violation of signed Agreements with the First Nation.

Resolute Forest Products and other logging companies have already damaged many sensitive area sites on the Barriere Lake Trilateral Agreement Territory, including sensitive area sites which the Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources and the logging companies know to be of particular cultural and ecological importance.

Today the Algonquins have erected a Land Protection camp within the La Verendrye Wildlife Reserve at the Poigan sector, to stop unauthorized logging from damaging Algonquin cultural sites and critical wildlife habitat until an already agreed upon Measures to Harmonize Process is re-established on an urgent basis. The Algonquins of Barriere Lake are demanding that the Quebec government:

  • Cooperate in a measures to harmonize process to identify and protect cultural and ecological sites.
  • Honour the 1991 landmark Barriere Lake Trilateral Agreement and related 1998 Agreement with Quebec on Co-Management and Resource Revenue Sharing among other issues.

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