Rio+20 Photo Essay: Peoples’ march takes over the streets of Rio

by Anne Petermann, reporting from the streets of Rio, 20 June, 2012

Occupy activists march in Rio. Photo: Petermann/GJEP

“Against the dismantling of national environmental policy.” Photo: Petermann/GJEP

Indigenous 11 Year old Ta’Kaia Blaney of British Columbia protests the tar sands. Photo: Petermann/GJEP

La Via Campesina, the international movement of small farmers, had a large presence in Rio at the Peoples Summit. Photo: Petermann/GJEP

“Against Amazonian Genocide. Xingu (Afro-Brazilian freedom fighter) Lives Forever.” Photo: Petermann/GJEP

Can’t have a march in Latin America without Che. Photo: Petermann/GJEP

Funeral for Brazil’s national environmental policy. Photo: Petermann/GJEP

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