Satirical Tabloid Mocks Anti-Immigrant Arguments about Population and the Environment

Cross-posted from The Center for New Community in Chicago. Rebecca Poswolsky of the Center for New Community will be GJEP’s guest on KPFK’s Sojourner Truth Hour (90.7 FM) at 7 a.m. PST this Thursday, January 14.

The Center for New Community, a national civil rights organization, released a satirical tabloid today titled, The Borderline. The publication mocks attempts by anti-immigrant groups to lure environmentalists into scapegoating immigrants, challenging the manufactured facts that the anti-immigrant movement uses to promote US population stabilization and control.

“This publication is a must-read for environmentalists who have encountered anti-immigrant messaging in their efforts to address climate change and discussions around population levels,” explains Rebecca Poswolsky, a field organizer with the Center for New Community.

The Borderline features both ironic advertisements spoofing those created by anti-immigrant groups and satirical articles parodying the fear-mongering that so often accompanies debates about the US/Mexico border wall and water scarcity in the Southwest.

The farce only goes so far, though. The section titled, “The Top Ten Reasons Why Immigrants are not to Blame for Environmental Degradation,” takes a serious approach to debunking prevalent myths about immigration. Contemporary anti-immigrant groups focus on unfounded correlations between population, immigration, and damage to ecosystems.

Many among them claim that immigrants are harming the environment by contributing to urban sprawl, congestion, pollution, waste generation, water consumption, land conversion, and a general loss of biodiversity.

The Borderline is designed to expose and dispel such damaging myths, some of which are presently polluting mainstream environmental discussions.

Visit to learn more and to download the mock tabloid.

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