Support solidarity demonstration in Copenhagen for innocent climate activists today!

Support demonstration for innocent climate activists today!

This afternoon the ClimateCollective are calling for a solidarity demonstration for the climate activists facing trials, of whom seven are now charged with organizing legal demonstrations during the COP15 in December. During the summit Copenhagen was scene for police’s mass arrests of about 2000 people, 20 of whom were held in custody and charged.

The climate activist Natasha Verco is one of the defendants and now facing trial on the 16th of March. She is accused on the basis of organizing legal demonstrations.

“Police have obviously been acting politically with massive use of preemptive arrests, surveillance and aggressive behaviour against the thousands of people who wanted to voice their dissent to the summit spectacle. It’s about time they come out and apologize publicly for their actions,” says Natasha from the ClimateCollective.

Throughout 2009 the Danish Government and police led an intense campaign against the people who were critical of the grand political spectacle that was the summit. Demonizing campaigns in the media, hundreds of millions of kroner for armament and surveillance and the repressive Lømmelpakke law were obvious attempts by the authorities to systematically marginalize dissenting voices, both at the summit itself and in the streets.

“The growing political criminalization of political movements reach a new top point during the COP15. That we now see these attempts to punish people who were acting out democracy is in sharp contrast to the glossy picture of democracy and justice, which the Danish Government and the UN have tried to portrait. This must be stopped and all charges dropped!” says Mads Kissow from the ClimateCollective.

This is why the ClimateCollective are now calling upon climate activists, sympathizers and defenders of essential freedom rights to show solidarity with the defendants.

The demonstration will start from Palæstinas/Israels square at 16.30 local time.

The ClimateCollective can be contacted on 0045 41294994.


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