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Audio: “Green is Green” interview with animal rights activist Josh Harper

By Roxanne Amico, April 11, 2013. Source: Spiritmorph Studio

Click here to listen to this installment of “Rad Rox the Roots”:  An audio series sowing narrative seeds to cultivate a future of justice & sustainability;  a series sharing voices & visions of people with a deep critique of the current culture:  What’s at stake in the battles we are fighting;  the forces we are up against;  and what we can do about it together.

Today’s segment is titled, “Green is Green”, and it’s an interview with Josh Harper, the anarchist from Oregon who was one of the SHAC (Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty) 7.  SHAC was an international animal rights campaign initiated in the Pacific Northwest in the 2000’s, with the intention to shut down a UK research organization called Huntington Life Sciences, infamous for their testing of harmful medical and other substances on 10’s of 1,000’s of animals every year.

Josh spoke at Burning Books in Buffalo NY on the 28th of Feb., 2013, and Radio Roxanne had a chance to meet up with him in a café, where we talked about how people of conscience resist the power of the state and its corporate sponsors.  We talked about his call for “Revolution Before It’s Too Late” (title of his talk in Feb.), about his identity as an activist, his influences, his mistakes, and what he learned.

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