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  • Agreement with “legal force” is “planned” to be ready only by 2015, effective only 2020 
  • Second commitment period for enfeebled Kyoto Protocol

Imagine a mother tells her car-washing twins, who let the water just run from the hosepipe while they are already drying and polishing their beloved SUV – with idling engine and full-blast rap blurring from the speakers – to shut the engine, the car-stereo and first of all the water-tap.

And then imagine the two teens would, while turning the speakers even louder and let the engine revs roar, answer: “Well, we actually thought about this already twenty minutes ago and maybe we should, but we have to first built consensus – so please come back in about three minutes and thereafter, starting from around ten minutes from now, we will tell you if we will shut something down, who of us might shut what and to which extend or if we decide to not shut anything down at all.”

Everybody would assume that upon such response sparks would fly immediately in this scene of the mother and her twins.

But while Mother Earth tells us since the industrial revolution to plug our pollution and to not poison clean air or spoil precious water, and she actually had told us since the agricultural revolution to not cut forests for beef production, the governmental delegates in Durban, all grown up men and women, hug each other and clap and tap each others shoulders – most likely just in relief that no real sparks did fly, which deep down in their own consciousness they realize should actually have created a gigantic and holy fire-blast, cleaning the whole place from all the lies and deceptions.

But nothing like that happened, thanks and no-thanks also to armed Big-Brother-Preparedness of the UN inside and war-hardened South-African security forces outside the conference centre.

While the initial scenario is exactly what happened in Durban – there are only two differences: It’s not minutes, it’s years set as pondering time with no action, and the car-washers are the adult uncles and aunties, who were reminded only by some moderate voices of a few youth and young at heart and brain to better take care. Most of the young global population, who know that it is their future and no any longer the future of those expiring role models holding on to the steering wheel by all means, had no say and even didn’t want to go to this circus.

But who cares, some renegotiable pseudo-promises were printed on recycling papers for the mainstream media to further brainwash and massage the masses about a “landmark achievement”. That’s what counts and also that all available money was spent as well as some new honey-pots were opened for the already rich friends and friends of friends as well as “of course” oneself to prosper.
Distracted by the few coins thrown into their direction, even some representatives of indigenous peoples leave South Africa with the feeling they had achieved something. Well, for people on death-row every day more until the drop-door is opened might be worth celebrating, but is it just and is it a way forward for all? The answer is clearly no! It’s not people’s democracy, its diplomatic democrazy like when eight wolves and one sheep sit around the evening fire and vote what they will have for dinner.

Alas, used to these conference-dances on economic- and war-volcanoes already, the political god-fathers and -mothers, with their two-letter vehicles of EU, US or AU, their entourage on their three or four letter bicycles in tow and the UN bandwagon rumbling along, dance off to the next show ground: Rio+20, with another vision-blurring agenda already set in place and set in motion by the corporate players in the background – so that nothing will change for the better or for all and most importantly nothing must be allowed to change for the present monetary system based on global to local injustices just to prevail. Casino politics with the hope the world turns to shambles already before someone could hold these “officials” responsible.

But it is now only a question of time when the youth and the mentally young and bright finally and really will stand up and close the taps – anywhere and everywhere – and especially on overpaid and under-performing politicians and their entourage. Turning their back on unworthy state-governments is a first step, but certainly not enough, everybody realized.


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