Photo and commentary:  Orin Langelle/GJEP

This has been a rather sad UN conference on climate change.  We knew ahead of time that nothing positive to prevent climate catastrophe would happen in the official talks.  After all, this circus is run by the 1%.  But we believed that as resistance has grown to this corporate driven circus, as shown in Copenhagen (Corporatehaven 2009) and Cancun (2010), we would see some sort of an escalation here in Durban.  There has been some…

What is very depressing is the manipulation of people who came here with hopes of saving the planet.  It seems the Big International Non-Governmental Organizations (BINGOs) are conning more and more people to take part in their games of uselessness (useless except for helping them rise in the hierarchy of the non-profit world).  If I see another “I (heart) KP” (Kyoto Protocol) t-shirt, I’m going to…  When volunteers were preparing the t shirts for distribution, I asked for one because one of our board members and dear friends is nicknamed KP.  I was told they were free but they weren’t ready for distribution yet.  I asked a volunteer about the problematic carbon markets aspect of the KP and she said I’d have to speak to the organization that bought the t-shirts.

The above photo typifies the sorry state of “resistance” here.  People were handing out these fliers during the stunt— Mr. and Mrs. United Nations cordially invite you to the wedding of their beloved protocol: Kyoto to the European Union.  The service hopefully will take place in the ICC, Durban, South Africa on the 9th of December 2011, blah, blah blah.” I asked the stunt crew, “Will this save the planet?”  The ‘minister’ responded with an emphatic, “Yes!”  To quote Bill the Cat, ACCKK-PHTHT!

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  1. Soren is absolutely right–as usual!

  2. Soren Ambrose

    but, hey, there’s one BINGO that isn’t talking about the KP (unless we’re asked). We’re all about the soil carbon and women farmers (ActionAid that is).
    So, don’t blame (all) the BINGOs.
    And save some of that blame for Europe