Listen to the Sojourner Truth Show Thursday Jan 6 at 7am Pacific

The following is from our friends at the Sojourner Truth radio program on KPFK Pacifica Station in Los Angeles.  GJEP has a partnership with the Sojourner Truth show and provide a one minute Earth Minute every Tuesday and organize a 12 minute segment on the environment every Thursday (see below for details about this week’s segment).

–The GJEP Team

Join us on Sojourner Truth Tuesday-Friday, 7-8 am [Pacific time].

Thursday January 6: Key changes in the Obama White House, as Republicans giddy with Tea Party support promises to repeal President Obama’s health care reform law. Professor Peter Dreier joins us.

And as Republicans insist that the US Constitution be read at the opening of the new Congress, several states are launching an attack on the 14th amendment of the Constitution.  They want to deny citizenship to US born children of undocumented workers and the ACLU promises a challenge.  We speak with the director of immigrants rights for the ACLU of Southern California.

We return to our weekly series on the environment with our partners The Global Justice Ecology Project.  Mexico City based Sylvia Ribeiro, Latin America Director for a group [ETC Group] that monitors the environmental and social impacts of biotechnology, geoengineering and nanotechnology.

And Elaine Brown of the original Black Panther Party joins us to discuss efforts to support political prisoners, the Lucasville Prisoner Hunger Strikers and to give us the very latest on those targeted by the Georgia Department of Corrections after months’ state wide prisoners strike.

Sojourner Truth, Thursday January 6th, 7-8 am [pacific]. This is your host, Margaret Prescod.

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