Post #5: African Delegation Protests “Danish Text” December 9, 2009

A spontaneous march erupted yesterday by African participants inside the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen demanding an end to climate colonialism.  This was in response to the leaked “Danish text” or the “Copenhagen Agreement” which includes provisions to only limit the rise in global temperatures to two degrees.  According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change a two degree increase in the global mean temperature will cause a three or more degree increase for temperatures in Africa. Such an increase in temperature would lead to widespread devastation including predictions of a 50% reduction in crop yields in some areas, cutting food outputs in half, more than 600 million people left without adequate water supplies, and massive damage to coastlines, rural communities and cities.

Marching through the Conference Center African groups chanted: “Two degrees is suicide” “One Africa, One Degree” and “No to Climate Colonialism, No to Climate Genocide” in response to the proposal.
Additionally Indigenous Peoples from around the world condemned the leaked texts which totally excluded Indigenous Peoples’ rights on all key issues.

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  1. Soren Ambrose

    For a fuller account of what led up to this see this page at (I know, I know). Lumumba Di-Aping, from Southern Sudan (in that coalition govt from hell), is the real deal – met him in NYC at the UN conference on the global economic crisis. Principled and pragmatic (sometimes) – really great person. Too bad his term at G77 is about to end – but that may be why he spoke so freely about SA etc. –

  2. DONK!

    Don’t get “preemptively” arrested and keep up the good work! Will you get on Democracy Now?