Photo Essay: Converge on the Conference, Burlington, VT

Innu people and Quebec student strikers march and speak out against Hydro-Quebec; protesters assaulted by police at New England Governors’ Conference

Photos by Will Bennington and Avery Pittman

Police question organizers about plans for a march through downtown Burlington. Photo: Will Bennington

Preparing for solidarity with Quebec student strikers. Photo: Will Bennington

Elyse Vollant, an Innu woman who organizes Innu communities in opposition to Hydro Quebec dams on La Romaine River and “Plan Nord” addresses a crowd of more than 500 protestors before the opening march. Photo: Will Bennington

Elyse’s daughters listen as she expresses that her activism against Hydro Quebec and Plan Nord is “for my children.” Photo: Will Bennington

Quebec student-strikers chant “Solidarite” after Elyse Vollant addresses the crowd. Photo: Will Bennington

The Brass Balagan, from Burlington, leads over 500 protesters through downtown Burlington and to the Hilton Hotel.

Charlie Delaney, a member of the Nulhegan Abenaki community, marches in solidarity with Innu protestors. Photo: Will Bennington

Protestors descend upon the HIlton, where governors and premiers are discussing trade and energy policy. Photo: Will Bennington

Bea Bookchin (center) and other demonstrators rest after the march on the Hilton. Photo: Will Bennington

Protestors face off with riot police. Protestors were preventing buses from carrying governors and premiers to a private dinner and party at Shelburne Farms. Several protestors were shot at close range with rubber and stinging bullets. Photo: Avery Pittman

An Innu child plays while Elyse Vollant addresses a crowd of more than 100 people gathered to hear about their struggle against Hydro Quebec and Plan Nord. Andrew Simon, from 350VT, is translating for Elyse. Photo: Will Bennington

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