UN refuses to further “investigate” official charges from accredited photographer

Note:  To my knowledge in the “investigation” that the UN supposedly held, there were no attempts to contact witnesses who saw an unidentified UN security guard smash my camera into my face for attempting to take photos during the UN Climate Conference in Durban, South Africa.  I was on assignment for Z Magazine. The UN investigation was no more than a kangaroo court where the principles of law and justice were disregarded and perverted. If anyone thinks the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change will help solve the climate crisis, think again as this body is no more than an enabler for the 1%.

For more background please see Formal Complaint Against UN Security, the response Langelle received from John Hay, UN Media Relations Officer UN denies security used undue force when smashing camera into photographer’s face, Langelle’s response Assaulted photographer accuses UN of cover-up which Hay’s response below. -Orin Langelle, board chair, Global Justice Ecology Project

Date: 8 February 2012

Dear Mr. Langelle,

I hereby acknowledge receipt of your mail.  The UNFCCC secretariat is unable to take any further action in view of the outcome of its investigation.

Yours sincerely,

John Hay

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