Forwarded by Co-Director/Strategist Orin Langelle at the Blue Mountain Center Artist’s Residency

Big Night at Indian Lake Theater

Cross-Posted on June 28, 2011 from Blue Mountain Center

This past Saturday was a big night for Indian Lake. Not only did the class of 2011 graduate from Indian Lake High School, but also the Hollywood hit Bridesmaids came to the Indian Lake Theater. It was a celebratory night in town and over one hundred seats were filled.  Blue Mountain Center’s first session residents were up for a good time and arrived to the show decked out in full bridesmaid regalia to participate in the theater’s costume contest.  Five BMC representatives sported dresses collected from a variety of fashion outlets, from the Old Forge thrift store to our very own costume closet.  Needless to say, both the movie and costumes were thoroughly enjoyed–and more than one Blue Mountaineer walked away with a prize!


Resident Orin Langelle took the photograph above of our bridesmaid costumes. Langelle is working on four decades of his concerned photography here at Blue Mountain Center. To sample his latest photographic essay, please go to Chiapas, Mexico: From Living in the jungle to ‘existing’ in “little houses made of ticky-tacky…” More of his work work can be found at Climate Connections.

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The Center is a turn-of-the century Adirondack lodge in a pristine and peaceful setting of woods, lakes and mountains. Life at Blue Mountain Center is organized to maintain privacy and quiet. The atmosphere is informal and cooperative. Writers are lodged in individual bedroom/studies in the Main House or the Grey Cottage; visual artists and composers have separate studios. Breakfast and dinner are served in the dining room. Linens and laundry facilities are provided. The amenities of the Center, including a tennis court, lakes, boats and hiking trails, promise even the most diligent worker diversion and relaxation. The telephone is considered something of an outsider at the Center. There is a phone for guests’ use, as well as a computer with email access and a laptop connection. To foster serenity, TV and cellular phones are not welcome.

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