New Voices on Climate Change on DN!

Be sure to watch Democracy Now! today (23 September 09) as Anna Pinto, our New Voices on Climate Change speaker from India, was invited onto the show to talk about the impacts of climate change on India, on climate change and migration, and for her opinions on the international climate negotiations.  In addition to the piece with Anna, they also covered:

1. New York, where UN climate mtgs took place–featuring a YesMen stunt

2.  Pittsburgh, where the G20 Meetings are about to occur–Anna Pinto from CORE in India spoke, as did Jules Lobel, a University of Pittsburgh law professor representing Three Rivers Climate Convergence and Seeds of Peace spoke about the severe civil rights abuses occurring in Pgh.

3. Ted Glick, from Chesapeake Climate Committee mentioned October 24 as an international day of action and highlighted November 30, as a day for massive civil disobedience on climate change being organized by the Mobilization for Climate Justice–on the tenth anniversary of the WTO shutdown and one week before the historic UN Copenhagen Climate Conference.

Check it out!

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