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Indigenous humanitarian commission attacked in Colombia

By Robin Llewellyn, February 26, 2014. Source: Intercontinental Cry

Members of the Indigenous Guard during the 43rd anniversary of the CRIC (Photo: Robin Llewellyn)

Members of the Indigenous Guard during the 43rd anniversary of the CRIC (Photo: Robin Llewellyn)

Guerrillas targeted the car of the Humanitarian Commission of the Association of Indigenous Councils of Northern Cauca (ACIN) on 20 February, injuring Yoiner Medina Talaga, an Indigenous Guard and Manager of ACIN’s human rights monitoring system; Germán Valencia Medina, ACIN Human Rights Coordinator; and Nelson Pilcué, Legal Advisor to ACIN’s Women’s Program.

The Commission had been attending to over 50 families displaced by an upsurge in fighting prior to their being attacked in Jambaló, Cauca, by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). Yoiner Medina Talaga, who was shot in the chest, remains in intensive care. Germán Valencia was shot in the arm while Nelson Pilcué was injured by shattering glass and metal.

The Nasa people of northern Cauca have consistently demanded that all armed groups leave their territory, which continues to be fought over by the FARC, theArmy, and paramilitary groups including the Aguilas NegrasUrabeños, andRastrojos. Nasa communities have developed the Indigenous Guard as an unarmed force that counters illegal activities in their territory, and also confronts all armed actors and asks them to leave. Continue reading

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Chile: “terrorist” attacks in Mapuche region

Note: Global Justice Ecology Project has worked in partnership with the Mapuche group Konapewman in the Lumaco District of Chile, and has been tracking this story as it’s been unfolding.  The Mapuche have long been struggling against the conversion of their agricultural lands into monoculture plantations of pine and eucalyptus; a process which was catalyzed by the wave of privatizations and “shock doctrine” policies of the Pinochet dictatorship.

–The GJEP Team

January 15 2013.  Source: WW4 Report

Chilean landowner Werner Luchsinger and his wife, Vivianne McKay, died in a fire set by some 20 masked attackers on Jan. 4 at their Lumahue estate in Vilcún, in the southern region of Araucanía. Luchsinger, who was 75 years old, reportedly fought back against the intruders with a firearm, wounding at least one. The couple, who owned some 1,000 hectares of farmland in the region, had resisted demands for land from the indigenous Mapuche community. Pamphlets were found at the site commemorating the fifth anniversary of the death of Mapuche student Matías Catrileo Quezada, who was shot in the back by a police agent on Jan. 3, 2008 during an occupation of an estate owned by Werner Luchsinger’s cousin, Jorge Luchsinger. Continue reading

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Colombia: war, illegal mining encroach on indigenous communities

August 16, 2012. Source: WW4 Report

Nasa Indigenous Guard

The Nasa indigenous people in Cauca, Colombia, have launched a campaign to press their demands that all armed actors stay off their territories and respect their constitutional right to autonomy. The Indigenous Guard, a traditional self-defense patrol armed only with staffs, has occupied an army base and evicted the troops, as well as confronting FARC guerillas at their encampments within Nasa territory. Photo: DulCeCAriTo via Flickr

A landmine believed to have been placed by FARC guerillas exploded Aug. 15, killing an indigenous man and two workers who were repairing an power pylon that had been knocked down last week in an attack also attributed to the guerrillas in a rural area of Tumaco municipality of southwest Colombia’s Nariño department. The indigenous man was a member of the Awá people who had been hired as a guide by the Central Nariño Electric company. Tumaco, a city of some 170,000, has been without electricity for five days due to attacks on pylons. (EFE, Aug. 15) One week earlier, Embera and other indigenous peoples up the Pacific coast in Chocó reported that their communities had come under aerial bombardment by army helicopters in the Alto Andágueda area. A statement from the Association of Indigenous Cabildos of Chocó (OREWA) said some 360 families, comprising about 1,500 people, were forced to flee the villages of La Palma, Masura, Unipa and Santa Isabel. No casualties were reported, but the statement said the displaced families were “constantly menaced” by forced of the national army, FARC and ELN guerillas. (OREWA, Aug. 6)

On July 21, the Indigenous Guard from the Awá community of Peña Caraño, Nariño, confronted a gold mining operation that had been illegally set up on their lands, within resguardo (indigenous reserve) Hojal la Turbia. The informal mining camp, of some 50 people, was using dredging technology (minería de aluvión) on the Río Mayasquer (a tributary of the San Juan, which forms the Ecuadoran border for several kilometers before joining the Mira that flows back into Colombian territory, meeting the Pacific south of Tumaco). The camp was subsequently abandoned, although the dredging equipment was left behind, and the miners threatened the Indigenous Guard, saying “We are going to get rid of you one by one” (a uno por uno los vamos ir acabando). The Indigenous Guard statement said, “[W]e do not permit legal or illegal extraction of the elements of nature in Inkal Awá territory, exercising our original law and the special indigenous jurisdiction that governs us.” (UNIPA, Aug. 6)

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