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Paraguayan farmers question probe into killings

By Pedro Servin, December 5 2012. Source: Associated Press

In this Nov 13 2012 photo, a farmer walks behind black flags representing 11 landless farmers who were killed during clashes with police in the Yvy Pyta settlement near Curuguaty, Paraguay.  Photo: Jorge Saenz/AP Photo

In this Nov 13 2012 photo, a farmer walks behind black flags representing 11 landless farmers who were killed during clashes with police in the Yvy Pyta settlement near Curuguaty, Paraguay. Photo: Jorge Saenz/AP Photo

ASUNCION — Lucia Aguero stood with the other farmers in the standoff. About 300 of them had occupied the rich politician’s land that they insisted wasn’t legally his. On the other side of the clearing were some 200 riot police. She watched as the two negotiators walked up to each other and began talking.

And then the shooting started.

The negotiators were both hit. The young woman threw herself to the ground, shielding a friend’s 4-year-old boy beneath her as she felt a bullet’s sting in her thigh. In the end, 17 were dead, including the men who were trying to resolve the six-week-old occupation. Continue reading

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Monsanto, coup gov’t are merchants of death, says Lugo

September 19th, 2012. Source: Prensa Latina

Photo: Prensa Latina

Asuncion – The overthrown Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo said on Wednesday that U.S. multinational Monsanto and the coup d’etat government currently in power in Paraguay are sowing death and destruction.

Lugo took part in the closing ceremony at an agro-ecological fair sponsored by peasant and indigenous organizations as part of the Week of the Seed, which aims at protesting the marketing of transgenic seeds to sow cotton and corn.

During his speech, Lugo emphasized that his administration worked for two years to recover the native seed previously and successfully used, but the June parliamentary coup d’etat put the multinationals, especially that of Monsanto in the driver’s seat, to exterminate the native seeds.

Great multinationals like Monsanto have been sowing death in Paraguay’s native seed stock since the coup, but we will make our traditional seed blossom again, Lugo assured the crowd.

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Paraguay: Why the Canadian government supports the ouster of Lugo

by Yves Engler, 15 August 2012, Source: UpsideDown World

Fernando Lugo

Fernando Lugo

Six weeks ago the left-leaning president of Paraguay Fernando Lugo was ousted in what some called an “institutional coup”. Upset with Lugo for disrupting 61-years of one party rule, Paraguay’s traditional ruling elite claimed he was responsible for a murky incident that left 17 peasants and police dead and the senate voted to impeach the president.

The vast majority of countries in the hemisphere refused to recognize the new government. The Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) suspended Paraguay’s membership after Lugo’s ouster, as did the MERCOSUR trading bloc. Last week the Council on Hemispheric Affairs reported: “Not a single Latin American government has recognized [Federico] Franco’s presidency.”

But Canada was one of only a handful of countries in the world that immediately recognized the new government. “Canada notes that Fernando Lugo has accepted the decision of the Paraguayan Senate to impeach him and that a new president, Federico Franco, has been sworn in,” said Diane Ablonczy, deputy foreign minister, the day after the coup. This statement was premature. After a confusing initial statement, Lugo rejected his ouster and announced the creation of a parallel government.
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Statement by the Brazilian Workers Party (PT) opposing the institutional coup in Paraguay

GJEP will be providing more information on the relationship of the GMO soy industry to this disturbing event in a future post. – The Climate Connections team


From the Brazilian Workers’ Party, June 23, 2012

We support the people of Paraguay

The Paraguayan Senate [on June 22] completed a coup d’etat in deposing the elected president, Fernando Lugo, during a 32-hour farce of a “constitutional trial.”

Only nine months away from the next elections, the formal accusations against Lugo — allowing demonstrations by the army’s youth, subjecting the military to the “carperos” (landless workers), doing little to fight armed groups in the countryside and, as well, “bad performance” — confirm the social content of his ouster. In fact, the episode that led to the deaths of 11 “carperos” and six policemen was only a pretext.

It was rather a coup by the landowning oligarchy with support from U.S. imperialism. It was right that the Brazilian government, as well as the Workers’ Party (PT) and the Confederation of Workers (CUT), denounced the coup.

Yesterday, a few hours after the coup, the spokesman for the U.S. State Department declared, “The United States recognizes the senate vote for ‘impeachment'” and cynically asked the people to remain “calm.” The Paraguayan bishops even demanded Lugo’s resignation!

Despite the arrival of a dozen chancellors from the UNASUR countries (Union of South American Nations), led by the Brazilian “patriot” minister, to “mediate the conflict,” the United States recognized Federico Franco, the vice president of the Liberal Party. Franco, elected by the same electoral alliance as Lugo (which defeated the Colorado Party that had governed the country for decades), is now the instrument of both parties, which united to carry out the coup.
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