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Iceland’s Captain Ahab runs ships on whale oil

Note: A wealthy Icelandic entrepreneur killing whales to fuel his fleet of whaling ships?  While this might be beyond the tip of the iceberg, it is certainly not the only example of the problems caused by addressing the world’s energy problems with “renewable energy” or biofuels without addressing problems of consumption and the complete disregard for the value of living things.  From hunting camels in Australia to generate carbon credits to killing whales for “green” energy, it is clear that solutions rooted in capitalist, business-friendly ideology are making the problem worse.  Sociopaths like Loftsson, who want to treat every living thing as a piece of property they can use to get richer, need to be stopped.  Maybe we can launch them into outerspace in Richard Branson’s space ship!

-The GJEP Team

By Jonathan Leake, February 10, 2013.  Source: The Sunday Times

Whalers cut open a 35-ton fin whale off the coast of Iceland. Photo: Halldor Kolbeins

Whalers cut open a 35-ton fin whale off the coast of Iceland. Photo: Halldor Kolbeins

AN ICELANDIC entrepreneur has created a new “biofuel” using whale oil — which he then uses to power his whale-hunting ships.

Kristjan Loftsson, who runs a business catching fin whales around Iceland, claims his biofuel, a mixture of 20% whale oil and 80% diesel, is the world’s greenest.

Loftsson says the oil is doubly environmentally friendly because he uses geothermal energy from Iceland’s volcanic vents to melt the whale carcasses to extract the oil.

However, a leading whale conservation group described the practice as “completely perverse and unethical”. Loftsson says each boat burns the equivalent of one whale a day during the hunting season, saving hundreds of thousands of pounds a year.

Fin whales are classed as “endangered” — at very high risk of extinction — by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Past hunting of the nearly 40-ton creatures nearly wiped them out…

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Call for international solidarity actions with refugees in Iceland

During the week of October 15-18, No Borders Iceland will be organizing events

As a part of The University of Iceland’s 2 week long event called “Equality Days.” The biggest event will be a panel discussion called “No One Wants To Be a Refugee,” with refugees, no-borders participants, Interior Minister, MP and wikileaks member Birgitta Jonsdottir, a Human Rights lawyer, and Human Rights Watch. There will also be a student- refugee exchange, and tabling during the days at the university cafeteria. At the end of the week we will have a demonstration with at least 35 refugees from the asylum camp here.

For decades the refugees unlucky enough to come acrosss the Icelandic immigration authority have been imprisoned, isolated, discriminated against, silenced and deported. Recently the immigration offices have decided themselves to stop accepting anyone who has fingerprints from another EU country. That is 99% of the refugees in Iceland. There has been a sharp increase in deportations in the last weeks, and  threats of mass deportations soon. Iceland is not the utopia everyone is led to believe, especially with asylum cases. Outside pressure  needs to be put on the Icelandic government.

On 18th of October refugees and locals alike will rally against this policy and demand that their rights be obtained immediately. We ask for your support and solidarity and encourage anyone to organize actions for the rights to free movement and human dignity for all in their own localities. We especially encourage people to target Icelandic embassies, consulates and companies.

All power to the people
No Borders – Iceland

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