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Islanders say no to GM salmon

Note: Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN) is part of the STOP Genetically Engineered Trees Campaign.  You can support the fight against the spread of GE organisms by signing the petition to stop GE trees here.

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February 28, 2013.  Source: Canadian Biotechnology Action Network

Photo: ABC News

Photo: ABC News

Charlottetown – Islanders Say No to GM Salmon is calling on Premier Ghiz to ban the production ofgenetically modified (also known as genetically engineered or GE) Atlantic salmon eggs in PEI. As the United States edges closer to approving human consumption of GM salmon in the next months, increased attention is now focused on Canada, and in particular PEI, as the only source of GM salmon eggs on the planet.

The experimental lab-created Atlantic salmon eggs have been produced by AquaBounty, an American company, at a remote facility in Bay Fortune, PEI for more than a decade while it tries to convince the U.S. government to allow the mutant fish into grocery stores.

AquaBounty proposes to produce the GM salmon eggs in PEI, ship them to Panama for growing out and processing, then send the GM fish into the U.S. market. Using PEI and Panama to produce the fish allows AquaBounty to avoid an even more contentious environmental assessment process in the US, said Islanders Say No to GM Salmon spokesperson Sharon Labchuk.

Already the US government has received more than 30,000 comments from citizens and groups as part of the public process to assess the GM fish. Almost one million people have signed an online petition from Avaaz, a global civic action organization, against GM salmon.
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Frankenfish! Aquabounty hoping to serve genetically engineered Salmon on US plates

By Jim Avila, December 4, 2012.  Source: ABC News

Photo: ABC News

Photo: ABC News

Deep in the rain forests of Panama, in a secret location behind padlocked gates, barbed-wire fences and over a rickety wooden bridge, grows what could be the most debated food product of our time.

It may look like the 1993 hit movie “Jurassic Park,” but at this real-life freshwater farm scientists are altering the genes not of dinosaurs — but of fish.

They are growing a new DNA-altered saltwater fish in the mountains, far from the sea — a salmon that could be the first genetically altered animal protein approved for the world to eat. If it is approved, this would be a landmark change for human food.

But it is one critics call “Frankenfish.”

“The idea of changing an animal form, I think, is really creepy,” said Gary Hirshberg, founder of Stonyfield Farm, an organic dairy farm. “When you move the DNA from a species into another species … you create a new life form that’s so new and so unique that you can get a patent for it.”

And until now, AquaBounty, the multinational biotech company that for 20 years has been developing this giant fish, has kept it under close wraps.
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