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European Fuel Quality Directive Debate to Continue Despite Tarred Canadian Disinformation Campaign

From our allies at Indigenous Environmental Network:

The unprecedented confuse and bully lobbying campaign by the Canadian and Albertan governments alongside industry in a technical discussion on the European Union’s Fuel Quality Directive has resulted in the decision being passed to the Ministerial level. The Council of Canadians, Climate Action Network Canada and Indigenous Environmental Network respond to this outcome:

Andrea Harden-Donahue, Energy and Climate Justice Campaigner, Council of Canadians:

Today’s decision ensures that the debate over the Fuel Quality Directive continues,” says Harden-Donahue. “We have every intention of further exposing the inaccuracies that riddle Canada’s lobbying efforts to undermine the Directive and ensure Europeans know that Canadians support action on climate change.”

Hannah McKinnon, Campaigns Director, Climate Action Network Canada:

European Union Ministers have a political mandate to act on climate change, and should look past the Canadian government’s shallow efforts to push dirty tar sands oil at any cost. The European Union has been a consistent champion of action on climate change, and where Canada used to be an ally in this fight, its failure to live up to international and domestic promises have made it a laggard. Europe’s efforts to do the right thing should not be hampered by an aggressive Canadian public relations and lobbying campaign based on false myths, while the Canadian government continues to do nothing to regulate greenhouse gas pollution from the same dirty oil it is trying to peddle.”

Clayton Thomas-Muller, Tar Sands Campaign Director, Indigenous Environmental Network:

“The Canadian government has a climate policy, and it’s to meddle in the affairs of foreign countries that are trying to clean up their carbon pollution. We have seen the Harper regime meet with European Union decision makers over 110 times in 2010 alone to stop this critical precedent-setting legislation that would assist climate justice activists from First Nations to stop the world’s largest and dirtiest energy project on the planet. We will not stop our resolve, we will continue to reach out to Europe, support their leadership during these times of dangerous climate change and extreme forms of energy like tar sands.”

The Council of Canadians, Climate Action Network Canada and Indigenous Environmental Network recently completed a lobby-busting tour of European Union Embassies in Ottawa to counteract misconceptions being brought forward by Canadian lobbying against the European Union Fuel Quality Directive.

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