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COP18: MRV as a Trojan Horse for carbon markets?

Note: The following post appeared as a guest post on redd-monitor.  Simone Lovera is a long time friend and colleague of GJEP, and GJEP is the North American focal point for the Global Forest Coalition.

-The GJEP Team

By Chris Lang and Simone Lovera, December 4, 2012.  Source: redd-monitor

The REDD negotiations in Doha have stalled. After a week of discussions in the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice parts of the REDD text remain in brackets. The negotiations are now pushed back to the next SBSTA meeting, which will take place in June 2013.

Much of the disagreement in the negotiations is over the measurement and verification of avoided emissions from forests and the lack of secure funding. Simone Lovera of the Global Forest Coalition is in Doha for the UN’s climate negotiations. She questions the emphasis on measurement, reporting and verification in the negotiations. She wrote these notes about the current state of the REDD negotiations for a press conference organised by Friends of the Earth International.

MRV as a Trojan Horse for carbon markets? 

By Simone Lovera, Global Forest Coalition, December 2, 2012

While the spectacular conference centre where the current climate talks are held looks rather unworldly, it is important to look at the realities behind these negotiations. In Paraguay, for example, the main cause of greenhouse gas emissions is deforestation. The main driver of forest loss is agriculture and the main underlying cause is meat, meat and more meat, as deforestation is mainly caused by cattle ranching and by the production of soy as fodder for European and Chinese livestock. This deforestation is having devastating impacts on Indigenous Peoples, peasants, women and men.
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