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Muckleshoot Tribe urges rejection of genetically engineered salmon application

May 21, 2014. Source: Intercontinental Cry

Image: Muckleshoot Tribe

Image: Muckleshoot Tribe

AUBURN, Wash.–The Muckleshoot Indian Tribe has joined with the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians (ATNI) in calling on the United States Food and Drug Administration to deny any application for the introduction of genetically engineered salmon into the United States until a full Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and further scientific review is completed and formal consultation with Northwest Treaty Tribes undertaken.

AquaBounty, a large Boston-based biotechnology company, has proposed to produce genetically engineered salmon eggs in Canadian waters, ship them to Panama where the engineered salmon would be raised to maturity in inland tanks, then slaughtered and processed in Panama and shipped to the United States for human consumption.

AquaBounty has patented a process whereby the DNA of wild Chinook salmon and an eel-like pout fish are fused and injected into Atlantic salmon. That engineered salmon is said to grow to full size in half the time of a wild fish and, according to AquaBounty, “increase the efficiency of production.” Continue reading

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Environmental groups take federal government to court for permitting manufacture of genetically modified salmon in Canada

 Approval fails to consider invasiveness threat, puts wild salmon and environment at risk

Environmental groups want a court to decide if the federal government violated its own law by permitting the manufacture of genetically modified salmon in Canada.

“Canadians expect their government to implement, not ignore, the laws that protect our ecosystems from harm,” said Tanya Nayler, one of the Ecojustice lawyers representing Ecology Action Centre and Living Oceans Society. “By granting approval for this genetically modified species without obtaining all the legally required information, the government has once again failed the environment and Canadians.”

The groups assert the approval is unlawful because it failed to assess whether genetically modified salmon could become invasive, potentially putting ecosystems and species such as wild salmon at risk. Both groups are asking the court to set aside the government’s assessment and require the government to comply with the law before permitting the manufacture of these genetically modified organisms. Continue reading

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Islanders say no to GM salmon

Note: Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN) is part of the STOP Genetically Engineered Trees Campaign.  You can support the fight against the spread of GE organisms by signing the petition to stop GE trees here.

-The GJEP Team

February 28, 2013.  Source: Canadian Biotechnology Action Network

Photo: ABC News

Photo: ABC News

Charlottetown – Islanders Say No to GM Salmon is calling on Premier Ghiz to ban the production ofgenetically modified (also known as genetically engineered or GE) Atlantic salmon eggs in PEI. As the United States edges closer to approving human consumption of GM salmon in the next months, increased attention is now focused on Canada, and in particular PEI, as the only source of GM salmon eggs on the planet.

The experimental lab-created Atlantic salmon eggs have been produced by AquaBounty, an American company, at a remote facility in Bay Fortune, PEI for more than a decade while it tries to convince the U.S. government to allow the mutant fish into grocery stores.

AquaBounty proposes to produce the GM salmon eggs in PEI, ship them to Panama for growing out and processing, then send the GM fish into the U.S. market. Using PEI and Panama to produce the fish allows AquaBounty to avoid an even more contentious environmental assessment process in the US, said Islanders Say No to GM Salmon spokesperson Sharon Labchuk.

Already the US government has received more than 30,000 comments from citizens and groups as part of the public process to assess the GM fish. Almost one million people have signed an online petition from Avaaz, a global civic action organization, against GM salmon.
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GE Opponents gear up to block FDA approval of Frankenfish

By Laine Welch, January 19, 2013.  Source: Anchorage Daily News

Fishing groups, consumers and health organizations are launching a final push to keep genetically modified fish off American dinner plates.

During the holidays, the Food and Drug Administration announced its conclusion that the fish, tweaked to grow at least three times faster than normal, will not harm the human environment or wild salmon stocks. An FDA green light is the last step before AquaBounty, creator of the so-called Frankenfish, can send its fish to market. The public has until Feb. 26 to comment to the FDA.

Alaska Sens. Mark Begich and Lisa Murkowski have asked the FDA for a 60-day extension of the comment period. Senators from Washington, Oregon and Maryland backed the request. No word yet on whether it will be granted.

Meanwhile, Begich said the agency is moving “full steam ahead with fine-tuning its Frankenfish regulations.” He said he isn’t optimistic that public opinion can derail a federal OK.
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Farmers join hundreds to protest outside Monsanto hearing, oppose genetic engineering of plants and animals

Note: Global Justice Ecology Project stands in solidarity with farmers and activists calling for an end to genetic engineering and  Monsanto’s intimidation of rural communities.  From frankenfish to frankentrees, GJEP opposes the development and release of genetically engineered organisms, especially genetically engineered trees.  GE tree company ArborGen is stacked with former Monsanto employees, so you can be sure they will destroy forests and communities just like Monsanto has destroyed farmland and farmers.   You can sign the petition to stop genetically engineered trees here.

-The GJEP Team

January 10, 2013.  Source: Food Democracy Now!

Nearly 300 family farmers, activists, and members of Food Democracy Now! gathered in front of the White House today, directly after a hearing on the landmark OSGATA v. Monsanto case, to demand both that Monsanto end their campaign of intimidation against America’s family farmers over GMO’s, and that President Obama halt approval of genetically modified food. The demand for Pres. Obama included a halt of GMO approvals, including GMO salmon, until independent long-term safety tests can be conducted.

Thirty-one family farmers, plaintiffs in the landmark lawsuit OSGATA et al v. Monsanto, travelled to Washington, DC from across America to attend the US Appeals Court hearing and protest today to demand the right to farm without the threat harassment by the world’s largest biotech seed company. Monsanto has sued or settled in court with more than 844 family farms since 1997 years over ‘patent infringement’ after their seeds naturally spread to nearby farms.

“Family farmers need and deserve the right to farm.  We have a right to grow good food and good seed for our families and our communities without the threat of trespass and intimidation,” Jim Gerritsen, an organic potato farmer from Maine, and representing OSGATA, the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit told the enthusiastic crowd. “We need Court protection so that our families will be able to carry on our farming tradition and help keep America strong,” said Gerritsen.

After attending the Oral Argument to appeal the dismissal of the case at the US Court of Appeals, the farmers marched to Lafayette Park to bring attention to the Obama Administration’s pending approval of 13 new biotech crops and AquaBounty’s “Frankenfish,” a genetically engineered “salmon.”
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Frankenfish! Aquabounty hoping to serve genetically engineered Salmon on US plates

By Jim Avila, December 4, 2012.  Source: ABC News

Photo: ABC News

Photo: ABC News

Deep in the rain forests of Panama, in a secret location behind padlocked gates, barbed-wire fences and over a rickety wooden bridge, grows what could be the most debated food product of our time.

It may look like the 1993 hit movie “Jurassic Park,” but at this real-life freshwater farm scientists are altering the genes not of dinosaurs — but of fish.

They are growing a new DNA-altered saltwater fish in the mountains, far from the sea — a salmon that could be the first genetically altered animal protein approved for the world to eat. If it is approved, this would be a landmark change for human food.

But it is one critics call “Frankenfish.”

“The idea of changing an animal form, I think, is really creepy,” said Gary Hirshberg, founder of Stonyfield Farm, an organic dairy farm. “When you move the DNA from a species into another species … you create a new life form that’s so new and so unique that you can get a patent for it.”

And until now, AquaBounty, the multinational biotech company that for 20 years has been developing this giant fish, has kept it under close wraps.
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