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John Lennon: 34 years after his death

It’s hard to imagine it has been 34 years since the murder of John Lennon.  Here is a little tribute from us at GJEP to this man who was a force of nature in his short life.

Working Class Hero
John Lennon (9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980)


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First contact reveals violence against isolated indigenous group

First contact video

An isolated band of indigenous peoples living quietly along the Peru-Brazil border emerged in early June, seeking aid for health issues. Disturbing evidence of violence against this group is now surfacing, proposing that many of their elders were murdered and their houses set on fire. World War 4 reports:

The majority of old people were massacred by non-Indians in Peru, who shot at them with firearms and set fire to the houses of the uncontacted. They say that many old people died and that they buried three people in one grave. They say that so many people died that they couldn’t bury them all and their corpses were eaten by vultures.

The group is thought to have fled from drug trafficking and illegal logging. First contact was caught on video, where three young members trade bananas and other goods. Leaders in Brazil’s indigenous affairs office proclaim a need for urgent protection for these individual groups and their lands.

Survival International director Stephen Corry said: “It’s vital that Brazil and Peru immediately release funds for the full protection of uncontacted Indians’ lives and lands. Their economic growth is coming at the price of the lives of their indigenous citizens—now, their newfound wealth must be used to protect those few uncontacted tribes that have so far survived the ongoing genocide of America’s first people.”

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Take Action: Help stop logging of critical forest in MA (video)

The Massachusetts Dept. of Conservation & Recreation is reopening the critical Quabbin forest ecosystem and other public lands in Massachusetts to commercial logging. Trees are our climate saviors, we need to preserve the forests.

Watch the video for more details, then call the Massachusetts Governor to protest at 888-870-7770 or 617-725-4005

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Video on illegal logging and its impacts

from FERN:

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video: In honor of Schwarzenegger’s Milton Friedman Day: the Biotic Baking Brigade takes action

In commemoration of the day former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger gave to the notorious neoliberal economic pioneer Milton Friedman, we offer this video from the Biotic Baking Brigade.  The BBB became famous for its targeted use of the tactic of pieing corporate and economic criminals.

The video is especially timely as a retort to President Obama’s State of the Union address, which incessantly emphasized the need to grow the economy in the face of escalating crises around the planet–which are directly connected to the Capitalist obsession with growth at any cost.

Enjoy!  –The GJEP Team


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Live video today at 2:30! Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping Choir

Scheduled for Dec 22, 2013

Ladies and Bananas!
After all our trouble with the law lately – did you forget how we really love to put on a show, a barnburner, an eco-system riseup, an incandescent minute. Come to church this Sunday at 2:30 EST for a live stream of our Holiday Jiggly Celebration, Performance, and the fifth in our series of suspicious church services at Joe’s Pub at the Public. Gather around the cyber hole and get your Solstice dose of Reverend Billy & The Stop Shopping Choir.
Glory. Be. Earthalujah!

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Video: Our Forests Aren’t Fuel–Wetlands up in Smoke

Note: future plans for the forests of the Southeast are to replace them with fast growing freeze tolerant GE eucalyptus trees for biomass production, pulp and whatever else they can think of.

–The GJEP Team

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Video: Chris Hedges on the Pathology of the Rich

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