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Earth Watch: Michele Roberts on environmental racism and fence-line communities

imgresListen to Michele Roberts, national co-coordinator for Environmental Justice and Health Alliance for Chemical Policy Reform and a co-author of the new report, Who’s in Danger: Race, Poverty and Chemical Disasters.

Earth Watch is coordinated by GJEP in partnership with KPFK. 

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Earth Watch: Tom Goldtooth from the Venezuelan Social PreCOP

Tom Goldtooth presenting at the start of Mesa III: Social Participation in Decision Making

Tom Goldtooth (left, white shirt) presenting at the start of Mesa III: Social Participation in Decision Making

Tom Goldtooth, Executive Director of the Indigenous Environmental Network and Grassroots Global Justice delegate to Venezuela, spoke to Margaret Prescod (KPFK) from the Social PreCOP on Margarita Island.

Goldtooth spoke about the goals for the Social PreCOP, the vital importance of the inclusion of Indigenous peoples in climate discussions and action, the Indigenous-rooted concept of good living (buen vivir), and the need for real, sustainable climate action that does not accept false solutions like REDD.

Listen to the interview here, from the July 17th Sojourner Truth show.

Read the talking points from Tom’s presentation at the start of Mesa III: Social Participation in Decision Making here.

Tom Goldtooth is a member of our New Voices Speakers Bureau.

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Earth Minute: System Change not Climate Change in Venezuela

See below for transcript.













I am recording this week’s Earth Minute from the Venezuelan Island of Margarita.  The Venezuelan government has assembled hundreds of organizations from around the Americas and across the world under the theme of “Changing the System, Not the Climate.”  The idea of this meeting is to begin to develop justice-based strategies and discussions to inform a peoples’ position at this year’s UN Climate Conference in Lima Peru in December.

“System Change not Climate Change” originally emerged as the demand from civil society organizations protesting the northern-dominated and pro-corporate UN Climate conference in Copenhagen in 2009. There UN delegates and observers staged a massive “Reclaim Power” march out that attempted to meet with thousands of activists marching toward the conference.  The idea was to come together for a Peoples’ Assembly, where real peoples’ solutions to the climate crisis would be advanced.  While that action was met with severe repression and violence from the Danish Police, the powerful concept of “System Change not Climate Change” continues to carry forward.


For the Earth Minute and the Sojourner Truth show, this is Anne Petermann from Global Justice Ecology Project reporting from Venezuela.

Photo: Climate Justice Now! Statement on Climate Change from COP-15, Copenhagen, December 2009. Photo: Neil White/Guardia

Image: via

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Earth Minute: 7-2-2014


On the weekly “Earth Minute” Anne Peterman, Executive Director of the Global Justice Ecology Project, discusses Portland Rising Tide’s recent direct action.

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KPFK EarthWatch: D. Steele and RAMPS

On this week’s “Earth Watch,” our guest is D. Steele of Radical Action for Mountain People’s Survival (RAMPS) based in the southern coalfields of West Virginia. We discuss challenging the coal industry, strip mining and divergent issues in Appalachia.

Listen here:

Global Justice Ecology Project teams up with the Sojourner Truth show on KPFK radio for a weekly Earth Minute and Earth Watch interview.



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Earth Minute this week on Detroit’s water crisis

The shocking water crisis in Detroit: hundreds of thousands of people being denied access to water. 

The Earth Minute is written and recorded by GJEP Executive Director Anne Petermann in partnership with KPFK. For more on Anne, see her biography on our website and as a speaker in GJEP’s New Voices Speakers Bureau – The GJEP Team

Click here to listen:

Over the last decade, Detroit residents have seen water rates rise by 119 percent. Photo by Bigstock/IPS

Over the last decade, Detroit residents have seen water rates rise by 119 percent. Photo by Bigstock/IPS

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EarthWatch: Syed Hussan/Can​adian Detention Strikes

On our weekly Earth watch, Margaret Prescod speaks to Syed Hussan, a coordinator with the Migrant Workers Alliance for Change about the link between environmental devastation and human migration.

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EarthWatch: Cliff Willmeng on community rights to ban fracking


Thursday: A shake up in Congress as Eric Cantor a leading GOP Congressman who was likely to become the next Speaker of the House is defeated. Why did immigrants rights activists respond to his defeat with civil disobedience actions? Our guest is an official with the United Farm Workers.

Colorado residents have filed a class action lawsuit against the state, the first of its kind, to maintain the community’s right to ban Fracking. For our weekly “Earth Watch” our guest is Cliff Willmeng a member of the Colorado Community Rights Network and one of the plaintiffs in the suit.

And soccer fans around the world will be focused on the World Cup that kicks off in Brazil on Thursday. Why will protesters be in the streets and why is the soccer federation FIFA under fire? Will the protests ruin the moment for fans around the world who have waited four years for these games to begin? Jules Boykoff who has played on the US Olympic soccer team is our guest.

Sojourner Truth Thursday, June 12th with host Margaret Prescod.




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