Iceland’s Captain Ahab runs ships on whale oil

Note: A wealthy Icelandic entrepreneur killing whales to fuel his fleet of whaling ships?  While this might be beyond the tip of the iceberg, it is certainly not the only example of the problems caused by addressing the world’s energy problems with “renewable energy” or biofuels without addressing problems of consumption and the complete disregard for the value of living things.  From hunting camels in Australia to generate carbon credits to killing whales for “green” energy, it is clear that solutions rooted in capitalist, business-friendly ideology are making the problem worse.  Sociopaths like Loftsson, who want to treat every living thing as a piece of property they can use to get richer, need to be stopped.  Maybe we can launch them into outerspace in Richard Branson’s space ship!

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By Jonathan Leake, February 10, 2013.  Source: The Sunday Times

Whalers cut open a 35-ton fin whale off the coast of Iceland. Photo: Halldor Kolbeins

Whalers cut open a 35-ton fin whale off the coast of Iceland. Photo: Halldor Kolbeins

AN ICELANDIC entrepreneur has created a new “biofuel” using whale oil — which he then uses to power his whale-hunting ships.

Kristjan Loftsson, who runs a business catching fin whales around Iceland, claims his biofuel, a mixture of 20% whale oil and 80% diesel, is the world’s greenest.

Loftsson says the oil is doubly environmentally friendly because he uses geothermal energy from Iceland’s volcanic vents to melt the whale carcasses to extract the oil.

However, a leading whale conservation group described the practice as “completely perverse and unethical”. Loftsson says each boat burns the equivalent of one whale a day during the hunting season, saving hundreds of thousands of pounds a year.

Fin whales are classed as “endangered” — at very high risk of extinction — by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Past hunting of the nearly 40-ton creatures nearly wiped them out…

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  2. Hurray for cutting costs and making more money killing an endangered species, Not.

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