Huge explosion rips through Europe’s first biomass power plant

Note: Yeah, burning forests for electricity.  GREAT idea…  What could possibly go wrong?  Oh, besides explosions, fires,  clearcuts, infestation of forests by deadly pests and disease from imported woodchips, acceleration of climate change, pollution of nearby communities… But other than THAT…

–The GJEP Team

By ClickGreen staff, 08 Nov 2012.  Source: ClickGreen

A huge explosion has ripped through the Gelderland biomass power station in the Dutch city of Nijmegen.

Despite initial reports of people missing, local media confirmed there had been no injuries although local residents have been warned to remain indoors.

The explosion occurred shortly after 7am local time and rocked the nearby city of Nijmegen, located in the east of the Netherlands.

One city resident used Twitter to describe the massive explosion as like a “meteor hitting the city”.

In 1995, Gelderland became Europe’s first co-fired power station to generate biomass and coal sourced electricity.

Following the conversion from fossil fuel, the 590MW Gelderland power station now uses 470,000 tonnes of wood pellets a year to supply 250,000 Dutch households with “green electricity”. The Netherlands is a leader in co-firing in Europe.

Earlier this year, Europe’s largest biomass power plant was nearly destroyed by a huge blaze that took firefighters nearly three days to bring under control.

The fire in February broke out at Tilbury Power Station, in Essex, in a fuel storage area containing 4,000 tonnes of crushed wood.

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