Photo Essay: Seed diversity, a global route to food security?

Note: From our allies at the GAIA Foundation: “To celebrate Seed Freedom Fortnight, an international campaign led by Dr Vandana Shiva of Navdanya, from 2nd October (Gandhi’s birthday) to 16 October (World Food Day), the Gaia Foundation has published a photoessay in the Guardian.  We hope you’ll enjoy this beautiful celebration of farmers’ seed diversity and knowledge, which also highlights the threat to global food and farming from industrialised and GM agriculture.”

12 October, 2012.  Source: The Guardian

Many farmers’ livelihoods depend on the ability to save seed varieties. ‘Farmers breed for resilience,’ says Dr Vandana Shiva, who is leading a campaign supported by the Gaia Foundation to protect seed diversity and promote food security. ‘They don’t breed one crop. They know they must have many crops because the climate changes … and because nutritional needs are diverse’

A woman cooks vegetables for her family. The Wollo community enjoys a varied diet of nutritious local food and they feel strongly about preserving their seed sovereignty to enable that to continue. Photo: GAIA Foundation

To view the entire photo essay, and to find a link to GAIA’s film, “Seeds of Freedom”, go to The Guardian.

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