9 from Guatemalan military arrested in killings of protesters

October 11, 2012. Source: LA Times Blog

 Ceremony for Guatemalan shooting victims

GUATEMALA CITY — Nine members of the Guatemalan military were ordered arrested Thursday in connection with the killing last week of six indigenous peasants during a protest — a remarkable development in a country where the army was long considered untouchable despite egregious abuses.

National prosecutor Claudia Paz y Paz said a colonel and eight soldiers would be tried on charges of “extrajudicial execution” in the shootings of the peasants, who blocked a highway in western Guatemala’s Totonicapan province Oct. 4 to denounce electricity prices, a series of proposed constitutional reforms and other grievances (link in Spanish).

At least six peasants were killed, more than 30 were wounded, and one remains missing.

The government of former Gen. Otto Perez Molina initially blamed the shootings on “provocations” by protesters engaged in what he called illegal demonstrations. But as pressure mounted, the president ordered the army to cooperate with the investigation.

Arrest warrants were issued and agents dispatched to pick up the accused military personnel, thegovernment’s website said  (link in Spanish).

The shootings drew widespread condemnation from church officials, human rights organizations and international agencies, and sparked larger demonstrations by indigenous communities demanding justice.

“We hold Col. [Juan] Chiroy Sal principally responsible for the acts because he had a position of command over the actions of his troops, but he abandoned them,” Paz y Paz said at a news conference.

She said he ignored orders from the National Police, which was in charge of attempting to disperse the demonstrators, to steer clear of the people in the roads.

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