Protests in Chiapas against REDD: “Stop the land grabs!”

By Chris Lang, 28th September 2012.  Source: REDD-Monitor

Protests in Chiapas against REDD: Stop the land grabs!

Villagers from Chiapas protested against REDD and the Green Economy during the Governors’ Climate and Forest Task Force (GCF) meeting this week in Chiapas. Protesters played drums and chanted: “We do not want REDD;” “Here, there, the struggle will continue;” and “Zapata lives, the struggle continues”.

Protesters held signs reading, “Stop the landgrabs!” and “The government of Chiapas is lying to you. They haven’t informed us or consulted us. We don’t want REDD.”

The protests are reported in La Jornada (what follows is based on google translate – if anyone spots a mistake or has a better translation, please let me know. Thanks!). Eufemia Landa, from the Lacandon Jungle, read out a statement prepared by the protesters inside the GCF Task Force meeting. The statement describes REDD as land grabbing:

“We come here today in front of you, to denounce the programmes and projects of land grabbing and resources that bad governments have long attempted against us, now with a new excuse: climate change and the project called REDD.

“With REDD, rich businessmen and their government horsetraders will add a little business that makes the peasant more and more afraid: the carbon business in the form of smoke pollution which the jungles and forests of Chiapas would have to absorb and pointing out that, if we do not conserve the mountains, we are responsible for the production of carbon that  causes global warming and the impossibility of reducing it.”

No REDD!          No REDD!

No land grabs     Protest in Chiapas     No information, no consultation

Before the GCF meeting started, REDDeldia CHIAPAS produced a declaration opposing REDD, signed by many Latin American groups as well as networks and organisation from around the world. The declaration is posted here.

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