Sign on: Stand with the First Vermonters! Support Tribal Forests

The Abenaki people of Vermont suffer from extreme poverty and have no land to call their own. Their culture is at risk of disappearing forever unless we act now. The Sierra Club has partnered with the Abenaki people and other groups to establish the first ever tribal forests in Vermont.

Our Forests, Our Future

Sign our petition today calling for the establishment of tribal forests for the Abenaki people.

Tribal forests will conserve wildlife habitat, and build and protect paths for animal migration. Additionally, the forests will allow the Abenaki to provide firewood for their elders, food for their families through hunting and fishing, and provide sources of revenue through sustainable forestry and maple sugaring.

On May 1st, thousands of Vermonters marched side-by-side with the Abenaki people  in Montpelier. The message was clear, through our slogan: Put People and the Planet First. There is no better way to show our commitment to our community, our history, and our environment than by supporting tribal forests.

When you sign the petition, you’ll join more than 700 other Vermonters who are standing with the Abenaki people.

The May 1st march, and the hundreds who have already signed our petition, has gotten our plan attention in Montpelier. Now, with your help, we can get this across the finish line.

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