Almost Pizza?: Synthetic Biology hits Saturday Night Live…

There’s an old Saturday Night Live episode where they introduce a new product in a spray can with the question: “Is it a floor wax, or is it a dessert topping? It’s BOTH!”

In a timely reworking of that theme,  this last Saturday, SNL broadcast a skit called “Almost Pizza” that goes like this: a family is about to eat a food that looks like a pizza…but it isn’t pizza exactly. The husband becomes leery since the box  says “Almost Pizza” and his wife says it isn’t real pizza. When the pizza suddenly falls on the floor, it shatters like glass and then bizarrely reassembles like a synthetic biological-nanotechnology live thing and scurries under the counter. At the end of the skit they announce, “’Almost Pizza’ brought to you by PFIZER!”

We don’t know if the SNL writers got wind of Becky McClain, the molecular biologist who blew the whistle on Pfizer after being infected by a Genetically-engineered virus, and who joined us for a public forum on synthetic biology on March 29. But we do know that McClain got wind of “Almost Pizza,” because she was the one who brought it to our attention, saying “My husband and I almost fell out of our chairs!”

Watch the clip:



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3 Responses to Almost Pizza?: Synthetic Biology hits Saturday Night Live…

  1. kak

    The video clip of sat night live can only be viewed within the USA, too bad

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