Anonymous Takes Down–Their Message: We Fight for Farmers

Note: Monsanto was also one of the original founders of the GE tree company ArborGen.  The President and CEO of ArborGen, Barbara Wells, led Monsanto’s RoundUp Ready soy division in Brazil.  GMO soy in Brazil and other parts of Latin America has taken over vast swaths of Amazon and other forest land, and has displaced or poisoned many communities there.  Please sign our petition to the USDA demanding a ban on the commercial release of GE trees.  ArborGen plans to sell hundreds of millions of GE tree seedlings annually if given permission by the USDA.  Help us stop them.  Sign our petition and get involved.
–The GJEP & STOP GE Trees Campaign Team

Anonymous DDOS Attacked Monsanto

Above video shows how Anonymous hack attacked

Anonymous Message To Monsanto: We fight for farmers!

Anonymous Message To Monsanto: We fight for farmers! – Video Transcript
To the free-thinking citizens of the world: Anonymous stands with the farmers and food organizations denouncing the practices of Monsanto We applaud the bravery of the organizations and citizens who are standing up to Monsanto, and we stand united with you against this oppressive corporate abuse. Monsanto is contaminating the world with chemicals and genetically modified food crops for profit while claiming to feed the hungry and protect the environment. Anonymous is everyone, Anyone who can not stand for injustice and decides to do something about it, We are all over the Earth and here to stay.

To Monsanto, we demand you STOP the following:

  • Contaminating the global food chain with GMO’s.
  • Intimidating small farmers with bullying and lawsuits.
  • Propagating the use of destructive pesticides and herbicides across the globe.
  • Using “Terminator Technology”, which renders plants sterile.
  • Attempting to hijack UN climate change negotiations for your own fiscal benefit.
  • Reducing farmland to desert through monoculture and the use of synthetic fertilizers.
  • Inspiring suicides of hundreds of thousands of Indian farmers.
  • Causing birth defects by continuing to produce the pesticide “Round-up”
  • Attempting to bribe foriegn officials
  • Infiltrating anti-GMO groups

Monsanto, these crimes will not go unpunished. Anonymous will not spare you nor anyone in support of your oppressive illegal business practices.

AGRA, a great example:
In 2006, AGRA, Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, was established with funding from Bill Gates and The Rockefeller Foundation.

Among the other founding members of, AGRA, we find: Monsanto, Novartis, Sanofi-Aventis, GlaxoSmithKline, Procter and Gamble, Merck, Mosaic, Pfizer, Sumitomo Chemical and Yara. The fact that these corporations are either chemical or pharmaceutical manufacturers is no coincidence.

The people of the world see you, Monsanto. Anonymous sees you.

Seeds of Opportunism, Climate change offers these businesses a perfect excuse to prey on the poorest countries by swooping in to “rescue” the farmers and people with their GMO crops and chemical pesticides. These corporations eradicate the traditional ways of the country’s agriculture for the sake of enormous profits.
The introduction of GMOs drastically affects a local farmers income, as the price of chemicals required for GMOs and seeds from Monsanto cripples the farmer’s meager profit margins.

There are even many cases of Monsanto suing small farmers after pollen from their GMO crops accidentally cross with the farmer’s crops. Because Monsanto has a patent on theri brand of seed, they claim the farmer is in violation of patent laws.

These disgusting and inhumane practices will not be tolerated.

Anonymous urges all concerned citizens to stand up for these farmers, stand up for the future of your own food. Protest, organize, spread info to your friends!

Operation Green RightsSAY NO TO GMO!

We are Anonymous
We are legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us

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  3. plbgco

    For the sake of all of us and future generations please sign and Share this one!

  4. It’s impossible to not eat Monsanto’s toxic garbage food, it’s all over the grocery stores BUT MONSANTO IN WRITING IN ITS CAFETERIA, I read, CLAIMS IT SERVES NO GMO FOODS!

    I think someone should get monsanto’s email address and we ALL send them emails asking them where the heck they acquire all this pure food from so we can avoid their products as well as THEY do.

  5. Charlotte

    Thank you I support this action against Monsanto 100% they are pure EVIL They must be stopped. EAT ORGANIC and LIVE healthier
    Thank you , Thank you

  6. BoGoWo

    while i applaud 99% of what anonymous does, i do not believe either that all genetic modification is bad, dangerous, or evil. I DO believe that 99% of what Monsanto does is bad, dangerous, or evil; we must be careful not to inhibit science OR average farmers from doing what their passion leads them to do with the proper oversight and constraints, while protecting the planet and our neighbours from abuse at the hands of corporate criminals.

    • Hi Bogowo,

      GMOs are inherently risky because their impacts are not known. These engineered organisms have never before existed on the earth and are designed by corporations to do profit-oriented but unnatural things like kill insects, tolerate herbicides, kill fungus, etc. The impacts of these traits escaping into the surrounding environment, the impacts they have on the soil, water, on beneficial insects, on the wildlife that eat those insects, have been documented as potentially quite negative. Since they exist only for the purpose of making increased profits for corporations, and have no benefits for the natural world, we at GJEP are strictly opposed to them, and have a campaign–the STOP GE Trees Campaign devoted to the goal of an outright ban on the release of GE trees into the environment.



  7. M

    Rock on, Anonymous! Give ‘em hell and don’t stop. In fact, pull out all the stops!!!

  8. Glenn Millar

    Anonymous, thank you. I support you all the way!

  9. Blank on Purpose

    F**KING BRILLIANT!!!!!!!

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  11. Michael Johnson

    Doing the right thing and doing the profitable thing don’t always go hand in hand. Don’t think that your actions are going unoticed. Do the RIGHT, JUST AND MORAL THING.

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