Music: #OCCUPYCOP17″ Anthem from Creamy Ewok Baggends

Note:  We just received the following from a Durban activist who says “An incredible piece of lyric genius, Ewok has given us an anthem linking occupy and climate justice. He even managed to get Robert Zoelick into the lyrics.

Spread, share and bounce with us. Drive round the ICC with your windows down blasting it. Play it from your speakers inside. Sing it in the plenary.

All Durban crew, TIM WELLS on vocals , DJ VERANDA-PANDA on the beat, COLIN PEDDIE on the boards, yours truly on lyricals…” Anyway folks–public service announcement for today.

The GJEP Team

On soundcloud here:

free download.

here’s the transcript:


intro – 2011 / welcome to the age of downfalls / Spitmunky / Sonic Studios / Tim Wells…

 Chorus – All we’ve ever known is OCCUPATION / All we’ve been shown is OCCUPATION / Only thing that’s grown is OCCUPATION / It’s no wonder why we choose to OCCUPY / One World One Thumb One OCCUPATION / They wage War They’ve won OCCUPATION / they play we pay for the OCCUPATION / but still we gonna try / WE OCCUPY!

 Verse 1 – let truth be known / let truth be shown / lift up truth pull down the throne / only room at the top for bosses / people on the ground only count the losses / calculate the cost its a high price / time to lift the level like melting ice / try to make a move they put a clamp on it / they’ll never back down you can bank on it / No more cash just to hand a loan to the fattest cats / let ‘em stand alone / while we come together / coz together we’re one / coz together we won / see freedom come to the sons of the soil and the daughters of the deep / with my brother and my sister see me stand in the street / its tough when they cuff your wrist up / they beat you down coz you wanna put your fist up / wanna shut your lips up / they mace your face / each one they erase two more we replace / won’t waste the blood the spit and the sweat / gonna taste mud coz the field gets wet / when the rain come down / when the reign is done / bring down the rulers / watch the pigs run / we know about the guns and the bat and the pain / the gas brings tears but the tears bring flame / FIRE on a crowd and you FIRE up the crowd / FIRE ‘pon the money men / FIRE ‘pon the shroud / FLAMES gonna burn like a zealots eyes / FLAMES gonna burn Robert Zoelicks lies / FLAMES gonna match every stick they swing / the air fill with smoke we don’t choke we sing / bring in from the cold / here comes the Spring / the air fill with smoke we don’t choke we sing


 Verse 2 – Try to speak on the corner but see they corner the speaker / so set the speaker to blow / to bust the woofer and tweeter / to tweet a lyric or line or rhyme / switch on a mind to tune a mind into frequencies of freedoms kind / see they never gonna let go the Golden hold / hearts black like COAL / only power they know be the OIL EXCHANGE / and they STOCK their frames with MARKET gains / try to numb our brains / with statistic ballistics and fiction facts / they wanna use the whips and so they bought the backs / but the wage slave war saw the backs fought back / now the gold molds gonna crack / sha-klik-klak!

 break – 2011 / welcome to the age of downfalls / leadership isn’t politics and power / leadership is going first and letting others choose to follow / starting a movement is as easy as just making a move…


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