SIGN ON LETTER to Support Indigenous Peoples in Bolivia Marching to Oppose Highway

While the Bolivian government has had a strong voice for the Rights of Mother Earth within international climate and water negotiations, the unfortunate reality on the ground in that country is more divisive. Among other large extractive and infrastructure projects planned under the administration of Evo Morales is the TIPNIS Road — a highway planned through vulnerable indigenous territories. A national protest is mounting right now, and your help is needed to support the marchers. Please read and sign on, below.

— the GJEP team

Friends and Colleagues,

Since August 15, over 1,500 indigenous peoples in Bolivia -including men, women and children- have been marching in defense of their lives and their indigenous territory. The Bolivian government is determined to build a highway through the heart of the Isiboro Sécure National Park and Indigenous Territory (TIPNIS) an indigenous territory without consulting local indigenous communities. Determined to defend their territory and stop the highway, indigenous peoples are marching to La Paz with the hopes of immediate dialogue with the government to find an alternative solution to the highway going through the TIPNIS.  For more background information see letters below, read article by Friends of Tipnis or go to CIDOB’s website for up daily updates.
As the march gets closer to La Paz, indigenous marches face threats and opposition. They have requested international support to keep their march and their demands alive. Please consider supporting the indigenous movement in Bolivia as they march for their rights and territory.  PLEASE SIGN ONTO AN ORGANIZATIONAL SIGN ON LETTER TODAY. It is below and attached in English and Spanish. Send your organizations name and primary contact to: as soon as possible, but no later than Friday, September 16. This letter will be promptly sent to President Evo Morales. 

Thank you for your solidarity!
For the TIPNIS and Indigenous Rights,
Leila Salazar-Lopez
Amazon Watch

Sign this petition and also the letter below:

Join “Tipnis en Resistencia” Facebook Group: 

Join “Defendamos el Tipnis – No a la Carretera Villa Tunari-San Ignacio de Moxos” Facebook Group: 

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  1. If this is all we do, let’s do just this.
    Take a minute and sign.

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